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Top 7 Outsourced Accounting Companies for CPA Firms to Boost Efficiency and Productivity


Top 7 Outsourced Accounting Companies for CPA Firms to Boost Efficiency and Productivity


In today’s increasingly interconnected world, businesses are navigating a landscape of heightened complexity. Within this context, accounting stands out as a pivotal element for achieving business success. Particularly, Certified Public Accountant (CPA) firms are witnessing a surge in demand. In response to this escalating demand, numerous CPA firms are adopting the practice of accounting outsourcing services as a strategic means to maintain competitiveness and facilitate expansion. Outsourced accounting companies for CPA firms present themselves as a streamlined and economical avenue through which CPAs can onboard proficient offshore resources and seamlessly integrate them into their workforce. 

An overwhelming 82% of accounting firms indicate that there has been a notable increase in client expectations for enhanced services and additional resources from accountants in comparison to the past five years. (Source: Sage) 

Top 7 outsourced accounting companies for CPA firms  

1. CapActix – Best outsourced accounting company for CPA firms

Capactix Home PageWhen it comes to outsourced accounting companies for CPA firms, the name CapActix comes right at the top. CapActix stands as a forward-thinking pioneer in the realm of outsourced accounting, embracing cutting-edge technology across various facets of our operations. With a comprehensive integration of accounting software, business advancement tools, data analysis software, and support applications, CapActix has made a reputation for innovation. CapActix’s commitment lies in harnessing this diverse portfolio to elevate the quality of accounting outsourcing services, making them the prime choice among leading accounting firms. 

Navigating the challenges of daily endeavors becomes a more streamlined and productive process for CPAs with CapActix by their side. The meticulously designed business models and robust accounting solutions are engineered to provide that extra edge in resolving their intricate challenges. As one of the premier outsourced accounting companies for CPA firms, they specialize in delivering exceptional tax preparation services to CPAs, EAs, and accounting firms throughout the USA. 

CapActix stands as a stalwart partner for CPA firms and accounting firms alike when it comes to audit services too. Their adept team of auditors is primed to handle accounting audit services with unmatched efficiency and a swift turnaround. This strategic collaboration enables CPAs to shift their focus towards ensuring seamless, effective, and timely audits, unburdened by operational intricacies. 

As one of the trusted outsourced accounting companies for CPA firms, CapActix is committed to delivering results on time with remarkable accuracy. Their team is intrinsically motivated to exceed expectations, consistently setting higher benchmarks for job completion. Their unwavering dedication to achieving high-end performance is the cornerstone of every approach, ensuring that every client interaction with CapActix is a testament to their commitment to excellence.

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2. Sage BPM – Outsourcing Accounting Company 

Sage BPM Home Page

WeSage BPM emerges as one of the esteemed outsourced accounting companies for CPA firms, fortified by a team of skilled and proficient accountants. Their unwavering commitment to precision guarantees both punctual delivery and service excellence. WeSage BPM is a trusted partner that meticulously caters to the needs of CPAs in the domain of accounting and bookkeeping. Choosing outsourced accounting services grants CPAs access to a dedicated team of adept accountants and proficient bookkeepers. This assembly diligently manages compliance tasks, offering CPAs the freedom to concentrate on efficiently steering their practice forward. 


3. Mazars – Outsourcing Accounting for CPA 

Mazars Home Page

Mazars is one of the prominent global outsourced accounting companies for CPA firms. They specialize in auditing, tax, and advisory, operating as a cohesive partnership, synergizing expertise, scale, and cultural insight. They offer exceptional, personalized services spanning audit, accounting, tax, financial advisory, consulting, and legal domains. Their spectrum encompasses outsourced accounting services, meticulously tailored to the distinct requisites of CPAs and seamlessly fitting within their current operations. With a global footprint, their team of financial experts collaborates with firms spanning diverse jurisdictions. This facilitates cohesive liaison across all international locations, ensuring a harmonized and unified service delivery.

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4. FinAcc Global – Outsourcing Accounting Company 

Finaccglobal Home Page

FinAcc Global stands as a preeminent accounting outsourcing company. The company boasts an esteemed client base encompassing accounting firms and businesses hailing from the USA, UK, Canada, and New Zealand. Their commitment lies in rendering cost-effective, quality-focused, round-the-clock outsourcing services. Within their extensive talent pool reside expert CPAs, CAs, and accountants, offering an opportunity to extend one’s operational and accounting team with tailored services. With over a decade of experience in the field, FinAcc Global, as one of the top outsourced accounting companies for CPA firms, plays a pivotal role in assisting CPAs in realizing their business objectives. They achieve this by delivering standardized processes, enhanced transparency, and professional services that are both affordable and marked by swiftness, precision, and adherence to deadlines. 


5. RSM Global – Outsourced Accounting Company for CPA  

RSM Global Home Page

RSM is a leading provider of accounting outsourcing services. They empower clients to conquer novel challenges, embrace transformative shifts, and not just survive but thrive. RSM stands as one of the trusted outsourced accounting companies for CPA firms, committed to delivering comprehensive assistance across an extensive spectrum of domains. From the bedrock of audit and assurance, through the realms of consulting, taxation, risk advisory, IFRS compliance, restructuring, and transaction facilitation, to the heights of business and financial advisory solutions – RSM stands by the side of CPAs with unwavering support and invaluable advice.  

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6. MBO Service – Outsourcing Accounting firm

MBO Services Home Page

Another one of the reliable outsourced accounting companies for CPA firms is MBO. 

MBO extends top-tier accounting outsourcing services within Costa Rica, executed by an accomplished team of accounting professionals. The emphasis lies on offering guidance, overseeing operations, providing aid, and streamlining the outsourced accounting functions of CPAs. This encompasses the handling of financial and accounting transactions, process enhancement, meticulous control implementation, and comprehensive team training. The forte of this company is curating impeccable accounting ledgers and sub-ledgers in strict adherence to prevailing standards and legislation. Moreover, the experts craft internal reporting packages customized to meet the client’s specific demands. Beyond this, the company also extends its expertise to encompass accounting supervision assistance and comprehensive advisory services. 


7. DV Philippines – Outsourcing Accounting Company

D&V Philippines Home PageThe company boasts a seasoned team primed to furnish top-tier support for finance and accounting back-office functions. Their focal point lies in channeling efforts towards projects that generate value and profit. Leveraging their proficiency in digital tools, these adept accounting professionals stand ready to provide the necessary reinforcement. D&V Philippines offers a suite of outsourced accounting services harmonizing seamlessly with the proficiencies and acumen of accounting, audit, and financial advisory. With a range of services at their disposal and a cadre of experienced accountants, audit, and finance experts, they seamlessly integrate into the operations of CPAs as an extension of their practice.

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Why should CPA firms consider an accounting outsourcing company?

Why should CPA firms consider an accounting outsourcing company

i. Technology and software for accounting expertise 

Firms offering outsourced accounting services often specialize in using advanced accounting software and technologies. By partnering with such firms, CPA firms can leverage their expertise and access cutting-edge software without the need for substantial investments in technology. Outsourced accounting companies for CPA firms can help them to stay current with the latest tools, enhance their service quality, and streamline their operations. 

ii. Scalability and flexibility to meet demands from clients  

Clients’ needs might vary greatly, with peak times necessitating more staff and resources than others. Outsourced accounting companies for CPA firms allow them to simply ramp up or down in response to client demands. This adaptability reduces the risks of excessive staffing during slow times or straining to satisfy demand during peak seasons. 

iii. Focusing on fundamental skills will free up CPAs to work on long-term goals 

Outsourced accounting companies for CPA firms can help them perform routine and time-consuming tasks like data entry, transaction processing, and reconciliations, CPAs within the firm can redirect their focus toward higher-value tasks such as financial analysis, strategic planning, and client consultation. This shift enables them to concentrate on their core competencies and long-term goals, ultimately contributing to the growth and success of the firm. 

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The important factors to consider when selecting accounting outsourcing firms for your CPA firms

The important factors to consider when selecting accounting outsourcing firms for your CPA firmsChoosing the best outsourced accounting companies for CPA firms is not an easy task. It is a decision that requires careful consideration. Here are some of the important factors to keep in mind: 

i. Knowledge and experience in serving CPA firms 

Look for an accounting outsourcing company that has a proven track record of working with CPA firms specifically. Accounting for CPAs involves unique challenges and requirements, so the outsourcing firm should have an in-depth understanding of the accounting industry, its regulations, and the nuances of working with CPA firms. Ask for references, testimonials, and case studies to assess their experience in serving similar clients. 

ii. Security measures and data protection protocols 

Data security is paramount when dealing with financial information. Inquire about the accounting outsourcing company’s security measures and data protection protocols. They should have robust security practices in place to safeguard sensitive financial data. This includes encryption, secure data transmission, access controls, regular security audits, and compliance with relevant data protection regulations. 

iii. Tools for collaboration and communication 

Effective collaboration and communication are essential for a successful outsourcing partnership. The firm should offer tools and platforms that facilitate seamless communication between your CPA firm and the outsourcing team. This could include project management software, video conferencing tools, secure file sharing platforms, and other technologies that enhance transparency and real-time interaction. 

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How do you benefit from outsourced accounting companies for CPA firms?

How do you benefit from outsourced accounting companies for CPA firms 

i. Cost savings 

Outsourced accounting services allow CPA firms to reduce operational costs by eliminating expenses related to hiring, training, and maintaining in-house staff. Cost savings can be redirected towards strategic investments and growth initiatives. 

ii. Focus on core competencies 

By outsourcing routine tasks, CPA firms can concentrate on their core competencies such as financial analysis and strategic planning. This shift enhances service quality and fosters business growth. 

iii. Enhanced efficiency and productivity 

Outsourced accounting companies for CPA firms bring efficiency to processes, resulting in faster and more accurate accounting operations. This boosts overall productivity and allows CPAs to focus on value-added activities. 

iv. Access to advanced technology and tools 

Outsourced accounting companies for CPA firms often utilize cutting-edge accounting software and technologies. This access enhances accuracy, automated processes, and ensures compliance with industry standards. 

v. Scalability to meet client demands 

Outsourced accounting companies for CPA firms offer the flexibility to scale resources up or down based on client needs. This agility ensures that CPA firms can effectively manage varying workloads and maintain client satisfaction. 

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Why should your CPA firms choose CapActix as their outsourcing accounting partner? 

Your CPA firm should choose us as your accounting outsourcing company because of the following reasons: 

  • Proven track record in serving CPA firms like yours.  
  • With years of experience, we understand the intricacies of the industry and the unique challenges you face.  
  • Top-notch security measures and data protection protocols ensure the confidentiality of your sensitive financial information. 
  • State-of-the-art collaboration and communication tools ensure seamless interaction between your team and ours. 
  • Commitment to quality assurance guarantees accurate and reliable results, giving you peace of mind. 
  • Scalable solutions will adapt to your needs, ensuring consistent and high-quality accounting outsourcing services.  
  • You’ll free up valuable time to focus on your core competencies, reduce costs, and enhance overall efficiency. 

Outsource accounting services


In today’s CPA practice, maximizing efficiency and focusing on core abilities are critical for long-term success. Collaboration between CPA firms and accounting outsourcing companies provides a dynamic synergy that has the potential to revolutionize the way organizations are handled. CPAs may concentrate their resources on strategic development initiatives by embracing these strategic alliances, secure in the knowledge that their accounting duties are being held with skill and precision by trusted experts. Outsourced accounting companies for CPA firms are expected to emerge as a crucial tool for CPAs to flourish in a competitive environment. 

We, CapActix, have been offering the best outsourced accounting services to our clients in the USA across the globe. We can help you with our affordable hourly rates, professional approach, on-time and accurate services, and flexible engagement models. To discuss more details about our company and how we can help your business with our accounting services, please contact us via email: [email protected] or call us on +1 201-778-0509.