Inventory Management

CapActix offers an exclusive Inventory management solution that never sought after situations creating “chaos”


Inventory Management

Inventory Management Outsourcing Services

CapActix is one of the prominent Inventory management outsourcing companies and offers cost-effective inventory management outsourcing services. Inventory management is the task of huge responsibility as well as demanding a kind of management that never sought after crises. This is one of the daunting tasks that the organization would never like to be careless about and prefers outsourcing inventory management. CapActix offers unique inventory management outsourcing solutions that keep track of goods on the timely basis and update the entire system accordingly.

As we know, the inventory includes several stages for the final dispatch such as purchase, stocking, issuing the production line, stocking for sales, production and the final sales to the customers. Businesses take their predictive decisions and make analysis according to the inventory reports and analysis done by the experts. Because it completely depends on the customers’ approach towards every single product of the organization/ brand.

CapActix excels in avoiding out of stock situation by providing essential inventory management solutions. Keeping investment at the optimum level in the inventory is the most important aspect and we do understand these factors well.

Our work is based on the different business requirement. There can be management types as per the shortage of stock and as per the product types. We have a professional team of experts having a niche in production models and subtypes of inventory services such as raw materials, finished goods, transit inventory, cycle inventory, decoupling, anticipating etc.

CapActix helps businesses in following aspects of Inventory with proven Inventory Management Outsourcing Services:

  • Order picking support
  • Automatic reorder
  • Inventory forecasting tools
  • Barcoding support
  • Point of Sales Support
  • Inventory Coding System
  • Multiple Warehouse management
  • Multiple Inventory Categories
  • Multiple Pricing Strategy
  • Different Inventory Valuation options
  • Primary as well as Alternative Unit of Measurement
  • Default Accounting Allocation
  • Inventory Tracking System
  • Inventory Cost Allocation
  • Batch Number and Expiry Date Tracking
  • Inventory alerts
  • Accounting tools or tie-ins
  • Reporting tools
  • And other more imperatives…

Because of their wide variation in scope, inventory management systems also vary widely in cost. We acquire inventory management software for small business to conduct the inventory jobs quickly and with smart efforts. Our inventory management outsourcing services are affordable and with proven track records.

Our Expertise in Inventory Management Services for different industry includes:

A. Manufacturing inventory management Services

Process flow of inventory in Manufacturing:

  • The issue of the purchase order
  • Receipt of material
  • Preparation of job card and BOM by the production department
  • Submission of stock requisition by the production department to store department
  • The issue of material by store department
  • Production of finished goods
  • Quality testing
  • Sale of goods

The inventory in manufacturing process moves around task orders and Bill of Materials. Therefore, the following essentials must be taken care:

  • Materials tracking
  • Inventory levels for parts and finish products
  • Job Card
  • Bill of Material
  • Stock Requisition Note
  • Stock Issue Note
  • Material Process Warehouses
  • Work in Process Inventory valuation
  • Automatic reordering
  • Integrations with ERP or maintenance software

The tracking of different job/tasks in the inventory gets more exposure to profits and makes more beneficial to manage the toughest businesses of manufacturing. So the professional companies such as CapActix with exclusive inventory management solutions make business immense profitable.

Also, the inventory management solutions are dependent on how many processes that individual entities want to track. It can be automatic recording, integrated warehouse management solution and track downtown. There can be many useful inventory management solutions we can provide.

B. Warehouse inventory management Services

Managing a warehouse requires different features in the system. The true value of inventory management solution in a warehouse setting is to locate the items quickly.
Common features in warehouse setting include:

  • Advanced barcode systems supporting QR and other standards
  • Multiple location support
  • Bin tracking systems
  • Order picking support


The software-based warehouse management eliminates human mind errors. Also, there are several other benefits like setting re-order level, identify aged items etc.

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