Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some common questions which arise while thinking of accounting related processes outsourcing.

If you are planning for outsourcing the accounting function, before selecting finance and accounting outsourcing services, you might get some questions. We have tried to address some of the general questions for your consideration.

Benefits of Outsourcing

  1. Better internal control as execution of work and maintaining of books of accounts are in the hands of different independent people
  2. Independence of people maintaining books and preparing reports from the company staff, hence avoiding any conflicts of interests as well as financial frauds
  3. Savings in Human Resource Management costs
  4. Increase in efficiency and productivity
  5. Focus on core areas like production and sales by management
  6. Savings in Infrastructure and Technology costs for non-core activities
  7. Access to expertise services for business processes without hiring in-house experts for performing those processes
  8. Faster and better services
  9. Distribution of risk of non-compliance
  10. Cloud storage, virtualization and other technology options have made it possible for all companies to take advantage of accounting outsourcing services and bookkeeping outsourcing services.

There is no risk of losing control since you will be owner of the books of accounts. Appropriate clauses are mentioned in the agreement as well as non-disclosure agreement. Moreover, all your transactions will be approved and controlled only by you.

If you have appropriate staff managing and controlling accounts with ethics and quality then you may continue working with them. However, if you have only one employee managing all your accounting tasks, that is when you should consider us because whole function in the hand of one person increases risk related to internal control.

Moreover, following are the reasons for outsourcing even if your employees are able to manage work load

  • Employees’ time can be best used for other activities such as dealing with sales and service issues
  • Get rid of issues related to employee turnover and unplanned leaves
  • Get rid of issues related to training a permanent or temporary replacement
  • Reduces the risk of fraud losses and regulatory fines

We have considered appropriate measures to ensure data security, network security and workstation security. You can refer our page for security measure. Moreover, you can be assured as we are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 compliant company.

Please check below sample situations:

  • Leaving of the key employee
  • Termination of employee because of dishonesty and fraud
  • Additional transaction volumes because of business growth
  • Short-term requirements for to support a project or to cover employees leave period due to maternity leave, illness or military service

Yes, you might be already outsourcing the preparation of financial statements and tax returns. However, as per the regulatory requirements, a CPA firm that is providing bookkeeping services to a client, can’t provide Audit services to that client because of a conflict-of-interest situation.

In most cases, because of our specialisation in the domain, use of relevant technologies and specialised team, our charges to deliver services are lower compared to CPA firm’s charges.

We give very serious consideration to Data confidentiality and copyright. We ensure that any client related information is not published, distributed, sublicensed, sold or disseminated to third-party at any cost. We have implemented certain procedures to assure confidentiality, such as;

  • Carrying out background checks on our employees,
  • Clause in “terms of employment” in which our employees pledge to maintain confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements in respect to client data.
  • Restricting access to premises and systems.
  • Restricting access to data backup solution.
  • Restricting access to print media and shredding all waste printed papers
  • Such other measures which make our company as most trusted by clients

Yes. Currently most of the desktop accounting software comes with the facility of Remote Desktop. Using it we can access your accounting system remotely through our allotted user credential. However, to make it successful, you need to have high speed internet connectivity.

We can surely provide guidance to your staff for accounting processes as consulting services. However, through our experience, we feel that outsourcing us will add more values that hiring us for consulting because of having limited scope in advising compare to outsourcing. Moreover, difference of our continuous training to our people, work culture, standard work processes etc. can be clearly seen while execution of work is in the hand of your employee than our employees.

We always perceive to continue serving our client but we understand that the relationship may end due to some reason. You always remain owner of the data, we only own the process. Thus we are obligated to deliver you with processed details/documentation and transition support at the time of ending the relationship. We have included appropriate clauses in our service agreement for your satisfaction.

The best method of sharing documents is to upload it on SSL encrypted dedicated cloud server. It will be convenient for both the parties.

In most cases fees is charged on hourly basis. Hourly rates depend on many factors such as type of industry, complexity involved, number of services offered simultaneously, size of the organisation etc. Based on these factors, we allocate different level of people and accordingly per hour rates are decided for services. In special cases, we charge based on the convenience of both parties.

We generally share completed work through uploading it to our SSL secured document management portal. From there you can check and download filed using your credentials. We have different credentials for different ranked client employees. For example, Director of our client ABC has different credentials and access of files then its Accountant. Thus reports which need to be shared with directors don’t go to accountants and vice versa.

Yes. If you have a PC camera, we can schedule a live meeting demo at your preferred time. Simply contact us, and our representatives will make all the required arrangements.

In case your query related to outsourcing, our services, our methodology or other related topic is not addressed in above FAQs, you are always welcomed to contact us on [email protected]. Our executive will address all your concerns.

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