Hire a Dedicated Staff

Hire Offshore Accountant

Hire Offshore accountants from CapActix at highly cost-effective rates to minimize hiring costs. Now you can focus on your core business activities as the offshore accountant takes care of the accounting efficiency.

Hire Offshore Bookkeeper

Looking for a bookkeeping expert to put your financial and accounting books in perfect order? Hire offshore bookkeepers from India for hassle-free and affordable filing of returns and year end accounts submissions.

Hire Tax Preparer

Hire professional tax preparation experts to help you manage your taxes and returns hassle-free. Forget about the stress of the busy tax season and penalties with the expert advice of our virtual tax preparers.

Hire Tax Reviewer

Looking for a Tax specialist? Hire professional tax reviewers from CapActix to plan, create and implement tax strategies for your business. Further, the tax reviewer thoroughly inspects all the tax documents for accuracy and compliance.

Hire Accountant Supervisor

Fill the expert talent gap in your accounting or CPA firm by hiring remote accounting supervisors from India. The certified accounting supervisors will review and ensure the accuracy of all your financial statements and accounting documents.

Hire Staff Accountant

Virtual Staff accountants help businesses and CPA firms manage accounts receivables and payables, manage day-to-day operations, and advise on business problems. Hire virtual Staff Accountants from CapActix through flexible hiring models.

Hire AR/AP Billing Executive

Account Payable and Accounts Receivable Billing Exectuve aat CapActix are well-versed and highly experienced in recording, computing, and managing complete financial records. Hire AR/AP Executives from India and keep track of the financial status of your business.

Hire Audit Support Staff

Hire remote audit support staff from CapActix to get expert assistance in internal, external, IRS, forensic, sales tax, and all other types of audit processes with a well-defined auditing process. The associate auditor provided extended support on compliance, cost accounting, managing business/financial risks, etc.

Hire QuickBooks Expert

Hire a remote QuickBooks expert to effectively manage your business accounts, incomes, taxes, and daily transactions. CapActix holds a team of highly skilled QuickBooks consultants and experts to help you track your finances remotely.

Hire Virtual CFO

In need of expert financial advice under budget? Hire Virtual CFOs (Chief Financial Officers) from CapActix to create a well-planned financial strategy and help you maximize your profits and growth.

Hire Virtual Assistant

Are you struggling with too many responsibilities? CapActix can help you lessen your work burden by outsourcing virtual assistants remotely. Forward all your responsibilities to the remote virtual assistant and save your time and efforts. 

Hire Power App Developer

Are you swamped with manual tasks, repetitive processes and end up getting inaccurate reports? Power App Developer can help you build custom power Apps and povide you with a end number of reports for business analysis.

Hire Payroll Expert

Hire virtual Payroll Specialists to keep your employees paid on time. The professional Payroll Associates at CapActix are well-trained in managing payrolls and possess excellent organizational skills.

Hire Virtual Real Estate Assistant

Why handle your real estate business operations on your own when you can hire a virtual real estate assistant from India at affordable rates? CapActix provides expert real estate assistants to support you find and listing properties, managing deals and more

Hire Medical Billing Assistant

Are you looking for a specialist to manage your day-to-day medical billing operations? The offshore medical billing assistants from CapActix can seamlessly manage patient bills, insurance payments, and more.