Medical Process Outsourcing
Increase reimbursement with a streamlined revenue cycle and precise medical bill processing.

Towering Efficiency

Add precision and effectiveness in healthcare financial management.

On-time Settlements

Ensure medical billing settlements are completed on time with precise coding.

Happy Patients

Accurate and timely billing lets clients claim their covers and stay happy.

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Perks of CapActix

Why outsource medical billing and coding services to CapActix?

CapActix is regarded as one of the top medical billing and coding outsourcing companies that have been helping healthcare facilities in the USA to address major challenges related to billing and processing. We offer outsourced billing services to all specialties, from podiatry to neurology. We help organizations to reduce claim denial rates by up to 2% with the help of our expertise in medical billing and coding. It benefits in streamlining processes, improving cash flow, and increasing reimbursement. Outsource medical billing services to one of the best medical billing outsourcing companies and focus on a core specialty to improve patient care. Let our adroit team handle medical billing coding and processing for accurate claims and boosted ROI.

Services We Excel At

Our Expertise

Whether you need full RCM services or hourly billers, Capac tix will be the right choice. Our expert Medical Billing team has gained an upper edge by submitting unpaid claims faster than usual. We have distributed resources according to their expertise, which helps them streamline operations. Medical Billing Outsourcing from CapActix can help you maximize profits, considering the cost. Our medical billing process consists of a comprehensive revenue cycle management.

Our medical billing process consists of a comprehensive revenue cycle management.

Charge Posting

From demographic sheets, we gather patient data, which we then input into your system. For office, hospital, and procedure encounters, we offer prompt charge input and the filing of claims free of mistakes. To guarantee complete charge capture, the check-in/check-out list and Superbills are cross-checked with the charges to reconcile them for planned patients

Denials & Appeals

Denials are very common in the process of medical billing, it’s very crucial to identify the source and the correct reason for the claim denial. Once we have captured the reason, then filing an appeal based on the correct information becomes convenient.

Payment Posting

Our Medical Billing experts will record the correct payments, fees, and reimbursements to make sure that the ledgers are maintained accurately.

Claims Service

In this phase, we will generate bulk claims in compliance with your payers.

AR Management

It’s important to set up automation while managing AR. As it makes it easier to receive timely payments.

Revenue Reports

There is nothing more important than timely accurate revenue reports that help you monitor incoming payments.

Account Management

Our skilled accountants will provide billing insights on your billing trends to better anticipate upcoming projects.

Hire At Your Convenience

Hire Medical Billing Experts

We boast of our medical billing experts, as they have gained remarkable experience in Medical Billing Process Outsourcing and Medical Coding Outsourcing. You can hire Medical Billing Assistants in 3 flexible hiring models.

Result-oriented Solution

Improve patient care and claim success rate with the best medical billing outsourcing services

Don’t let your medical billing process slow down your practice. You focus on what you are an expert in and let the medical billing and coding experts manage your medical billing processing and other processing jobs. The healthcare practitioner that uses medical billing process outsourcing can leverage the benefits of technology-empowered billing processing, expert medical coding, A/R and denial processing, CDI services, telemedicine billing processing, credit balance processing, accurate claim tracking, and more.
Outsource medical billing services to the top billing processing experts to ensure zero errors and a hassle-free claim submission process.
Save resources to concentrate on patient care while one of the top medical billing outsourcing companies handles billing coding and processing to increase reimbursement and minimize claim rejection rate.
Our team completely recognizes the critical need for a rigorous process to handle claim denial management in complicated cases. Thus, they monitor the claim process and analyze denial factors to help you resubmit the claim with more accuracy and handle denial efficiently.
Our medical bill coders will ensure compliance with government legislation and keep accuracy highest to make the claim processing, submission, and management easier for you.
Medical billing process outsourcing to CapActix covers all aspects such as insurance eligibility verification, patient record management, claim submission, account receivable follow-ups, payment posting, denial analysis and management, and more.

Use the medical billing outsourcing & coding services of CapActix and increase your clientele exponentially.

How We Help You Stand Out

Key Differentiators


High Tech Solutions

Highly advanced medical billing processing infrastructure & coding skills make high-tech medical process outsourcing  to benefit you.


Reliable Services

From simple ledger management to intricate and diverse medical processing jobs will be handled by experts with utmost precision.


Assured Confidentiality

We will ensure all your data is kept confidential, even internally, to meet compliances. Our team will work in your environment if needed.


Proficient Services

Our extensive experience as one of the top medical billing outsourcing companies proves our worth as your partner for medical processing.

We Create Your Ways Digitally

Software We Use

Our Success Stories

How do our outsourced medical billing processing and coding services improve the cash flow of our clients in the healthcare industry, hear it from some of them:

Our decision to outsource medical billing processing to CapActix has resulted in several improvements in our medical practice. With the help of the seasoned staff of CapActix, we could effectively manage different aspects of medical billing, coding, etc. that used to trouble our in-house team a lot. Outsourcing the medical billing to CapActix could help us be more efficient by not overlooking these tasks and investing more time in improving medical practice and patient care.

Bill Fischer Medical PRO

It has become overwhelming to handle complicated medical billing processing and claim management processes for our in-house team. Thus, we decided to outsource it to one of the top medical billing and coding outsourcing companies. CapActix team has specialization in this area. They also handle our accounts to keep them more accurate regularly. We recommend using their accounting and medical billing processing services.

Gary Easter Physician

CapActix handles complete patient management for us and has given us such relief. We do not need to look at the part of managing claims, account receivables, or even medical coding and audits. The team handles all aspects of medical billing processing and gives us timely reports. Not only our healthcare practitioners but also our patients are very happy with hassle-free claim submission and management. We highly recommend the services of this company for your medical coding and billing needs in any discipline.

Sandra Stuart Healthcare Facility Owner

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Frequently Asked Questions

Medical process outsourcing FAQ

Unlock Insights and Find Solutions in our FAQ Page for Hassle-Free Knowledge! We have designed the questionnaire to address all your concerns.
Your medical billers will be responsible for a variety of tasks, including ensuring that all patient information is accurate and up to date, reviewing medical insurance policies to determine coverage, submitting claims to insurance companies, tracking payments and following up on outstanding claims, and resolving any billing discrepancies.
Yes, CapActix will provide a detailed analysis of charge practices to determine your deficiencies. We then recommend changes to your billing process (Charge forms, etc.) to ensure prompt payment.
Yes, we can provide you with 15 hours of the free trial. You can schedule a free consultation call just by hitting the button “Avail your 15Hr Free Trial”.
Yes, Capactix has all the necessary software systems and secure IT infrastructure to keep your patient’s details safe.
Yes, CapActix will provide you with an experienced, dedicated team for your medical Billing and coding tasks if you choose to hire remote staff.
Our remote staff can work according to your needs and work. Generally, when you hire full-time resources, they work for 8 hours a day/5 days/a week.
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