Preparation Of Financial Statements

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Preparation of financial statements

Financial Statement Preparation Services

CapActix offers financial statement preparation services to diversified industries. We have experienced resources as audit managers and expertise in preparing financial statements as per the IFRS and US GAAP.

CapActix encounters financial statement of a company requiring an organized set of financial solutions and looking for the professional services.

The annual accounts preparation is conducted for annual as well as periodical basis according to the regulatory requirements. The service is provided in cooperation with the company’s auditors followed by the effective discussion and resolving issues that may occur during the course of preparing financial statements.

As we know, the financial statements are one of the most important management tools, so our firm delves maximum of time in getting the clients’ requirement and business dimensions.

In order to accomplish the preparation of the annual accounts, we have split our financial statement preparation services into various phases as below:

  • Getting into the business environment and characteristics of the client
  • Receiving closing trial balance and the necessary schedules
  • Calculation of deferred taxes and the provision for taxes
  • Preparation of a cash flow statement
  • Consolidation of financial statements (if necessary)
  • Preparation of schedules for the financial statements
  • Preparation of the financial statements, including the note on significant accounting policies in accordance with the requirements of the business
  • Submission of the financial statements for the review
  • Updating the financial statements in accordance with the requirements

There are many accounting firms dealing with annual accounts preparation but having a niche in such practice is rare, so you have landed on the right page by clicking us!

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