Management Reporting

CapActix helps in preparing management reports and keep decision makers up to date!


Management Reporting

Management Accounting Consulting Services

CapActix is a leading management accounting company providing management accounting outsourcing services. Management accounts comprise several important information such as margin statistics, turnover, cash flow etc. We provide the financial control ratios, reports and performance ratios based on the data provided by bookkeepers. CapActix is known as the leading outsourcing firm for management accounting services across the globe.

CapActix makes an easy process for external auditors to perform audits, prepare tax returns and tax planning. Also, partnering with audit and tax service providers becomes approachable with us. Our management accounting outsourcing services are with proven track records.

CapActix is responsible for below imperatives in Management Accounting Services

  • Preparing periodical management reports
  • Preparing customized reports for bankers or other stakeholders
  • Calculation of various ratios and performance measures to analyze the performance
  • Deviations identification and suggestion for controls requirements
  • Recommendation for better cash flows and finance management
  • Professionally controlling finance
  • Accurate and timely financial reports to gain stakeholders confidence
  • Recommendations based on the actual performance

We use organizations’ financial details, operations details, and other required information to prepare management accounting reports such as:

  • Cash flow statement
  • Stock consumption analysis
  • Input-Output recovery analysis
  • Entity-wise and consolidated financial statements
  • Reconcile control accounts
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Fixed assets register and depreciation
  • Specific purpose Ratio analysis

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