Security & Infrastructure
To build security, we avoid straining people, but rather teach them to be vigilant and to long for client trust and satisfaction

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High Tech Infrastructure and Protocols for Consolidated Security

We, at CapActix, take the utmost care of the confidentiality and security of our clients’ confidential data. We believe that data Security is most confidential for everyone and the organization. Hence, we have identified various security-related issues and have taken appropriate measures for them.

Protected Environment

Employees Data Confidentiality

  • Confidential Non-disclosure Agreement is signed by each Employee with penalty clauses in case of any breach of contracts 
  • No access of personal emails and file transferring platforms 
  • No provision for the personal electronic devices to the system 
  • No provision to the external devices like printer and fax at the employee’s workstation 
  • Separate login credentials for each employee with tracing of an activity log 

Consolidated Physical Infrastructure

Network IT Security

  • Digital environment and restricted Printing access 
  • Regular performance of security audits 
  • SSL Secure network and electronic locks on every access 
  • Regular Virus assessment through Antivirus systems 
  • Regular backup of data on secure destinations 
  • Lease line ports connectivity with static IPs for a secure and uninterrupted flow of data 

Strict Protocols

Premises & floor security

  • Proper Security checks at working premises 
  • CCTV monitoring 24X7 
  • Power Backup and Disaster management system within the Office Building 
  • 24X7 security guards 
  • Firefighting equipment throughout the building 
  • Separated place for the employees to prevent taking personal belongings on to the work station 

Core system


Our office is located in the central Developing corporate area in Ahmedabad with excellent infrastructure, which includes a computerized environment and up-to-date licensed version Software relating to the Profession. The firm is also equipped with latest computers along with sophisticated communication system. 

  • Original Windows Operating Systems 
  • Dual TFT Monitors Availability for easy access to online documents and processing 
  • Cloud-based Servers and Desktop 
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS Backup) 
  • Remote Access facilities 
  • Firewall and integrated LAN 

Office Ambience @CapActix

Intrigued to know how our office assures high productivity and enthusiasm?

The work environment reflects in the productivity and energy of the team. Giving the best to our clients and team is in our DNA. We have built the most classy and nature-reflecting office ambience that work as a rejuvenator to give a perfect mindset to perform efficiently.