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Pay your employees on time with accurate payroll processing to enjoy better branding benefits.

Improve Accuracy

Flawlessly match the processed payroll with the accounting ledger.

Delight Team

Frictionless payroll processing to pay your employees on time.

Stay Tax Ready

Avoid the hustle during tax season or extended tax season.

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Perks of CapActix

Why outsource payroll processing and reconciliation services to CapActix?

CapActix has a team of payroll management experts that specializes in Payroll Services for Small Business for simple to complicated payroll processing, reconciliation, and management. We hold a diversified portfolio of managing payroll and different jobs for small, medium, and large businesses. Our custom Payroll Outsourcing Services for small business tailor the solution to maximize the ROI of small businesses with efficacious payroll administration, processing, and management. Our complete payroll outsourcing services will handle all or predefined jobs depending on customized payroll processing solutions. We also follow all compliances, taxation rules, statutory regulations, and other standards to manage payroll records, process them and reconcile the records to aid in releasing salary on time and gain other benefits.

Services We Excel At

Payroll Outsourcing Services consists of the following:

Record Maintenance

Record maintenance includes two main factors: 

  • Master details: Setting up Master Payroll file including Employee ID, Employee personal details, educational qualifications, Increments, perquisites entitlements etc. 
  • Transactional details: Employees attendance, advances, statutory deductions etc. 

Payroll Preparation and Cost Analysis

Payroll calculation for each employee includes the computation of Gross Pay, Net Pay, employment tax, Social Security Deductions and other statutory deductions as per the law of the country. Here the detailed payroll analysis is to be availed for the cost analysis to the company 

Submission of Payroll Returns & Statement to Authorities

Our Online Payroll Services for Small Business includes online submissions of employee related compliance statements including tax payment to various authorities such as revenue authorities, social security authorities and other authorities before statutory deadlines of the country. 

Salary & Pay slip

  • Processing net salary transfer to the bank accounts 
  • Preparation of Pay slip for each employee having detailed breakdown of the deduction as required by the law of the country and deliver it to them on their communication ID 


  • Weekly/monthly payroll reports based on your needs 
  • Manually/electronically filed Payroll returns 
  • Check stubs/pay stubs for the client 
  • Issue of Form W-2 and 1099s after completion of year. 

Hire At Your Convenience

Hire Dedicated Payroll Experts

Payroll Management is a time-consuming task, assuming you are doing it the right way. You can hire dedicated Payroll Clerks who will be responsible for processing and reconciling your employees’ paychecks by collecting their data and timesheets.  

Result-oriented Solutions

Simplify employee payroll management with expert outsourced payroll services catered by the top payroll management experts

Accurate employee personnel and transaction recording management will help in keeping data processing and salary calculation jobs easier. Payroll management is time intensive and tedious to manage daily, but our payroll outsourcing services will handle the painstaking job of managing employee details, perform efficient payroll preparation, salary processing and filling payroll returns.
Compensation and compliance management by religiously following the best practices is our expertise.
Our payroll processing and management will cover end-to-end payroll processing such as salary calculation, deduction, and return filing.
You will have real-time access to payroll-related data and documents via a digital means to access and review them at any time to keep full control and ownership of the data in your hand.
Payroll Outsourcing Services will include rectification of payroll processing errors, bifurcation of tax accounts, wrong deductions, discrepancies between gross pay and monthly salary, and other accounting inaccuracies.
Our experience and portfolio cover diversified industry verticals like nonprofits, healthcare, hospitality, food and beverages, retail, eCommerce, manufacturing, small businesses, and more.

Get Into a Hassle-Free Payroll Accounting by Outsourcing your Payroll Management to CapActix

How We Help You Stand Out

Key Differentiators


Software Savvy

We have software savvy experts to manage compensation packages along with various other payroll related duties using any payroll software out there.


Time Saving

You can save up on a lot of time by outsourcing payroll management, which helps you focus on other high priority tasks which can’t be outsourced.


Instant Communication

Our up-to-date communication systems enable you to get in touch with our payroll experts to discuss the nitty gritty of the project.


Authorized Experts

Payroll Processing Services at CapActix is carried out
by certified and authorized payroll

Tech We Excel

Payroll Software we use

Acclaimed Appreciations

How do our Payroll Outsourcing Services streamline payroll management for our clients, hear it from some of them:

We’ve been working with CapActix for more than 3 years and it has been a complete pleasure. We use their Payroll outsourcing services. Throughout these years, it has been a consistent delightful experience. The representatives are great to work with.

Darren Norman President

CapActix team has been handling our payroll for years now and they are terrific. I couldn’t be happier with the efficiency, timeliness, and competitive pricing. Our team has been receiving salaries on time. We receive reports exactly on time. What we love the most is we have complete control over everything. Thank you team CapActix!

Jon Brad Managing Partner

There is just so much to keep up with when it is about payroll. On-time salaries, taxations, pay slips, and too many tedious and critical jobs are now outsourced to CapActix and it has been a great relief. We can keep track of everything that CapActix handles and that has made our life very easy. Using this Payroll outsourcing services has been very time and cost efficient.

Ruby Green CFO

Our Focused Industries

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Small Business Accounting
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Hotels & Restaurant




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Frequently Asked Questions

Payroll Management FAQ

Unlock Insights and Find Solutions in our FAQ Page for Hassle-Free Knowledge! We have designed the questionnaire to address all your concerns.
We use the best payroll software to process payroll like ADP, QuickBooks, Gusto, Paychex, Paylocity etc.
Though Processing time of Payroll depends on number of factors such as number of employees, compliances requirements, complexity involved and accuracy of data, using our outsourced payroll service, we can entirely take off the burden of Payroll Management from your plate. We will usually run payroll in minutes after analyzing data, checking accuracy and submitting the same to authorities using different payroll software.
Yes, you can share your employee’s data without any hesitation, your data will be completely kept secured. We use secured IT infrastructure for sharing, processing and reporting client’s confidential data.
There are many reasons to outsource payroll services, but some key reasons to outsource to CapActix include we have a team of payroll experts who are up to date on the latest payroll laws and regulations, comprehensive payroll solution that includes direct deposit, tax filing, and employee self-service portals, competitive pricing and customize a payroll solution to fit your specific needs. There are several other benefits also.
We charge fixed payroll setup fees for one time, employee onboarding fees for new employees and variable fees per employee for every payroll run.
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