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Payroll Outsourcing Services - Online Payroll Services for Small Business

Our payroll processing services help businesses with better payroll management. The businesses are abided to make accurate salary components. Being honest with the employees results into more of the business outcomes and return on investments. Well, dealing with the payroll management systems is not easy, but our payroll outsourcing services help to make it easy. It requires in-depth knowledge of managing human resources and strategies to balance the organization’s workflow.

Payroll management comes across many challenges to provide well-defined salary components of any organization. It needs constant guidance and thorough knowledge for simplifying the process. To make the process seamless and ongoing, accompanying with payroll outsourcing service provider like CapActix is a good move. CapActix has massive years of experience in dealing with diversified business profiles and has a niche in outsourced payroll services for extensive manpower.

There are many imperatives coming into the payroll management systems such as reimbursements, loan advances, leave management and multiple inputs for human resources for managing different salary structures.

  • To comply with the statutory and tax regulations along with the time management
  • Communicating with the employees about the salary concerns and establishing a transparent image of the organization
  • Dealing with the important concerns for processing payroll online

CapActix offers integrated payroll processing services that comprise proven strategies to manage the payroll as well as adopting the new systems that consume less time. Hiring a team of accounting professionals enhances the production hours as well as organize the system.

We at CapActix, offer employee-friendly payroll processing services creating a lasting impression on employees.

Our Payroll systems are developed in a manner that helps startups and large enterprises in a professional way. Hence, we proudly hold a wide range of portfolios in the corporate outsourced payroll services. Also, we provide customized solutions for payroll management such as daily payroll reports. We are one of the best online payroll services for small business because of our valuable resources and principles.

Our Payroll Outsourcing Services Procedure is as follows:

Record Maintenance

Record maintenance includes two main factors:

  • Master details: Employee ID, Employee personal details, educational qualifications, Increments, perquisites entitlements etc.
  • Transactional details: Employees attendance, advances, statutory deductions etc

Payroll preparation & Cost Analysis

  • Payroll calculation for each employee includes the computation of Gross Pay, Net Pay, employment tax, Social Security Deductions and other statutory deductions as per the law of the country. Here the detailed payroll analysis is to be availed for the cost analysis to the company

Submission of statement to authorities

  • Online submissions of employee related compliance statements to various authorities such as revenue authorities, social security authorities and other authorities before statutory deadlines of the country.

Salary & Pay slip

  • Processing net salary transfer to the bank accounts
  • Preparation of Pay slip for each employee having detailed breakdown of the deduction as required by the law of the country and deliver it to them on their communication ID

Pay right amount at right time to right people using CapActix Payroll Outsourcing Services!

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