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The agricultural industry – one of the prime industries of the world we know. Agriculture – ranging from growing crops, raising fish and animals, logging wood, encompassing farms, dairies, hatcheries, ranches etc. and a lot more to take care, nurture, sow and grow.

Agriculture is conducted by farmers and their family which generally lack of proper expertise in accounting domain. So there is no straight forward set of rules is followed in this domain for maintaining the agricultural and farm accounting. However, it is important to maintain proper records, details, maintenance of accounts etc. for analysis of processes and research for improvement of the agricultural processes.

We, at CapActix, are interested to guide and maintain the adequate inputs to the farmers and thoroughly disclose what to extend and how to deal with the factors affecting land, labour, and capital.

We, at CapActix, help in classifying accounts to ascertain the cost of each crop, compare various crops productivity, profitability and measure the effectiveness of allied activities. We help to solve the difficulties of allocating various costs among different crops and other associated activities such as livestock poultry etc.

The main objective behind outsourcing of farm and agricultural accounting can be turning a fixed cost into a variable. However, it always depends on:

  • Risk-taking capacity and investments
  • Providing more variety of products
  • Easy access to technology
  • Reduce costs and access more innovativeness from vendors
  • Manage complexity better

Our Agricultural Accounting Outsourcing Services

  • Identifying proper charts of accounts applicable for Agricultural industry
  • Calculation of outputs and inputs on a per adjusted hectare or Grazing Livestock Unit basis as appropriate
  • Calculation of output ratios, stocking rates, yields and prices
  • Identifying biological assets of the organization.
  • Calculation of greenhouses wise input and output ratio
  • Calculation of greenhouses wise construction cost
  • Recording issue of material for regular farming activity and biological assets
  • Posting necessary entry for transfer of material between locations
  • Posting of stock adjustment entries if any
  • Accounting and disclosure of the subsidy received in the Books of account.
  • Differentiating between agricultural produce and produce that are the result of processing after harvest.
  • Verifying and recording bills from vendors
  • Payment to vendors
  • Processing employees’ pay and update payroll file
  • Recording depreciation and other adjusting entries
  • Farm wise expense segregation and allocation
  • Month-end or year-end closing entries
  • Posting supplier invoices and processing of payment
  • Apportionment labour cost for regular farming and construction of greenhouse /land preparation
  • Apportionment of electricity on the basis of meter reading to different farms/greenhouses and other direct expenses to specific project
  • Approval of payment and processing of payment
  • Review and reconciliation of vendor balances
  • Farm wise revenue and expense reconciliation
  • Processing of 1099s
  • Submission of Accounts Payable Aging report
  • Identifying different greenhouses and farm accounts and creating in the accounting software
  • Recording Cash/Bank receipt on monthly basis according to farm wise or greenhouses wise
  • Review and reconciliation of production per greenhouses
  • Submission of Accounts Receivable Aging report
  • Profit and Loss Statement
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Balance Sheet Reporting
  • Trial Balance
  • Fixed Assets Process Reports
  • Stock consumption and stock movement analysis report
  • Location wise inventory report
  • Outstanding Purchase Order pending for receipt of goods
  • Outstanding Sales Order pending for dispatch of goods
  • Variance analysis
  • Farm Wise costing
  • Farm wise input –output analysis ratio
  • Setting up Payroll
  • Payday calculations with processing of payroll
  • Payroll taxes calculation and form filling
  • 941, 1099, 940 and quarterly state tax returns

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