Navigating Success with the Best Accounting Software for CPAs and Accounting Firms


Navigating Success with the Best Accounting Software for CPAs and Accounting Firms


Effectively handling the financial matters of numerous businesses can pose challenges in terms of organization and oversight. That’s where the best accounting software for CPAs and accounting firms comes into play. This advanced software offers a comprehensive range of features, including payroll management, report generation, expense tracking, and even tools for auditing and tax preparation support.  

Investing in the best accounting software for CPAs and accounting firms designed to facilitate the operations of accounting business is a prudent decision. Unlike generic accounting solutions available in the market, this software is meticulously crafted to cater specifically to CPA firms and accountants. Its functionalities are geared towards managing diverse client portfolios, ensuring adherence to regulatory standards, as well as seamlessly handling payroll, expense reporting tasks, and various other accounting outsourcing services.  

By the year 2026, the global market for accounting software is projected to reach a valuation of $11.7 million (Source: Finances Online).

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The Most Important Features of the best accounting software for CPAs and accounting firms 

 Here are the top features of the best accounting software for CPAs and accounting firms in accounting outsourcing services.  

Streamlined data entry and integration  

The best accounting software for CPAs and accounting firms must provide simple data entry techniques, decreasing human input with features such as bank feed connection, automatic transaction grouping, and OCR technology for receipt scanning. This speeds up the process, reduces mistakes, and frees specialists to focus on higher-value work.  

Comprehensive compliance and reporting  

The best accounting software for CPAs and accounting firms should have comprehensive compliance capabilities that are updated to keep up with changing rules. This includes automatic tax computations, current tax forms, and seamless e-filing. CPAs may prepare accurate statements of finances, balance sheets, and revenue statements using comprehensive reporting options, assuring compliance with accounting standards.  

Client collaboration and management  

The best accounting software for CPAs and accounting firms allows CPAs and clients to work together seamlessly. Client interaction is improved via secure document exchange, real-time availability of financial information, and communication gateways built into the platform. Customer management software enables businesses to organize and track customer information, deadlines, and conversations, resulting in more efficient interactions and improved client satisfaction. 

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7 best accounting software for CPAs and accounting firms available in the market today  

1. QuickBooks 

QuickBooks Software Logo

Functioning as the best cloud-based accounting software for CPAs and accounting firms, QuickBooks provides real-time accessibility, elevated precision in reporting, automated invoicing, and the flexibility of customizable invoice templates. This software supports multiple users securely, fostering seamless collaboration among CPAs and clients. Beyond these features, QuickBooks offers services like live bookkeeping, payroll management, point of sale solutions, and time tracking capabilities, which are essential for outsourced accounting firms.  


  • Simplifies invoice generation and monitoring 
  • Effortlessly access standard financial statements such as balance sheets, profit and loss (P&L) statements, cash flow reports, and filed taxes 
  • Automated expense and bill tracking 
  • Automated backup service, ensuring the safety and integrity of financial data, with the added flexibility of manual backups 
  • Cost effective pricing plans for various accounting outsourcing services


  • Invoicing 
  • Bank Feeds 
  • Expenses 
  • Inventory 
  • Insights and reports 
  • GST and VAT 
  • Security 
  • Capture and organize receipts  

Awards and recognition  

QuickBooks garnered recognition as a premier finance solution, earning distinctions as a momentum leader and high performer for midmarket and small businesses according to G2’s software and services review platform in 2021.  

QuickBooks secured the “2023 Most Loved Software” and “2023 Top Rated” awards from Trust Radius.  

2. Wave 

Wave Software Logo

Wave empowers CPAs and accounting firms to effortlessly search through transactions, create tailored accounting reports, and harmonize data across diverse Wave offerings. As the best accounting software for CPAs and accounting firms, it even automates sales tax calculations, enables personalized payment term adjustments, and provides clear-cut access to comprehensible cash flow perspectives. The software boasts an uncluttered, intuitively organized dashboard with separate sections for sales, purchases, accounting, banking, payroll, and reports.  


  • Simplify reconciliations and bank uploads effortlessly 
  • Experience seamless invoice management without any hassle 
  • Navigate with ease through a user-friendly interface designed for simplicity 
  • Effortlessly handle transaction management  


  • Endless monitoring of income and expenses 
  • Tailorable options for sales tax management 
  • Limitless linking of bank and credit card accounts 
  • Ability to export fundamental accounting reports and financial statements 
  • Dashboard oversight of cash balances and invoice statuses 
  • Better and quicker bookkeeping 
  • Invoicing 
  • Calculation of tax and deductions 
  • Profit and loss statements 
  • Automatic data backup  

Awards and recognitions  

In 2019, Wave claimed the leading position on Trust Radius’s roster of top-rated budgeting and accounting software.  

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3. Xero 

Hero Software Logo

Xero, a distinguished and best accounting software for CPAs and accounting firms, delivers a comprehensive suite of features encompassing bank transactions, payroll processing, inventory management, and invoicing. Its standout attribute is the user-friendly interface that streamlines tasks like invoicing and payroll. Regardless of the accounting proficiency, Xero’s intuitive interface empowers outsourced accounting firms to efficiently oversee your business finances. Accessible from any internet-connected device, Xero ensures seamless connectivity, allowing CPAs to effortlessly monitor and manage accounting responsibilities.  


  • Manage client accounts from any location with ease 
  • Safeguard data by storing it securely online, employing industry-standard encryption 
  • Access the latest Xero versions through product subscription 
  • Suitable for both Windows and Mac operating systems 
  • Prioritize user experience in its design 
  • Automate bank feeds for effortless daily reconciliation  


  • Pay bills 
  • Track expenses 
  • Track projects 
  • Bank reconciliation 
  • Capture data 
  • Reporting 
  • Sales 
  • Online invoicing 
  • Accounting dashboard  

Awards and recognition  

It has received an award from Forbes for Best invoicing and billing software for growing businesses in 2023.  


4. NetSuite

NetSuite Software Logo

NetSuite stands as the all-encompassing best accounting software for CPAs and accounting firms, enhancing operational efficiency through automated core processes and immediate access to clients’ financial data. This cloud accounting software streamlines transaction recording, payables and receivables management, tax collection, and book closure, enabling precise, timely reporting and enhanced control over financial resources. 


  • Accounting features of all types are combined into one platform 
  • Various accounting operations are automated 
  • Less manual data entry and error reduction 
  • Increases efficiency and saves time 
  • Uses strong security measures to protect sensitive financial information from possible breaches 
  • Assists outsourced accounting firms in staying up to date on evolving accounting standards and tax rules  


  • General ledger 
  • Cash management 
  • Accounts payable 
  • Accounts receivable 
  • Payment management 
  • Tax management 
  • Account reconciliation  

Awards and recognition  

Summer 2022 Leader in Accounting, Billing, CRM, and ERP Systems from G2 Crowd 

 2022 Best CRM Software & Systems from IT Business Edge  

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5. Sage 

QuickBooks Software Logo

Being the best accounting software for CPAs and accounting firms, Sage offers valuable assistance to accounting firms by automating data entry, optimizing workflows, and enhancing collaboration with clients. With Sage Accounting, a user-friendly online accounting solution, CPAs can efficiently oversee their clients’ bookkeeping requirements. This intuitive platform empowers outsourced accounting firms to effortlessly send, monitor, and manage invoices, while also ensuring rapid and precise data entry through cloud-based automation. By leveraging Sage’s comprehensive resources, expert guidance, and varied support options, CPAs can expand their businesses and become indispensable partners to their clients.  


  • Access accounting data from anywhere with an internet connection 
  • Facilitates effective collaboration among team members 
  • Advanced reporting, including cash flow management, gives valuable insights to grow the accounting firm 
  • Implement measures to safeguard sensitive financial information and protect against unauthorized access 
  • Efficiently manage multiple clients’ financial data within a single software platform, simplifying client portfolio management 
  • Hassle-free integration with other tools CPAs commonly uses, thus streamlining workflows  


  • Invoicing 
  • VAT and Tax 
  • Billing 
  • Multicurrency 
  • Project tracking 
  • Payments 
  • Financial reporting 
  • Automatic bank reconciliation  


Earned recognition in 2018 as one of the finest accounting software solutions according to TechRadar Awards.  

Across Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, Sage secured the prestigious Masters of Tech Award from CPI Media Group in 2018, affirming its position as the foremost accounting software choice. 

6. Zoho Books

Zoho Books Software Logo

Zoho Books presents itself as a comprehensive and versatile accounting solution tailored to address the multifaceted financial needs of businesses. In an industry where accuracy, efficiency, and compliance are paramount, Zoho Books emerges as the best accounting software for CPAs and accounting firms that streamlines various financial activities. Zoho Books offers a centralized platform to manage the intricate web of financial processes that underpin the operations of their clients.  


  • Streamlines different financial procedures, allowing CFAs to handle their customers’ financial data, transactions, and records more effectively 
  • Ensures accurate and well-organized financial data, in line with the accuracy and attention to detail that CFAs are supposed to have 
  • CFAs can graphically convey financial facts, which aids in customer presentations and improves communication efficiency
  • Accounts payable, receivable, and transaction recording are automated, allowing CFAs to focus on higher-value analytical work  


  • Invoicing 
  • Expenses
  • E-invoicing 
  • GST 
  • Audit trail 
  • Reporting 
  • Documents 
  • Banking 
  • Bills  


In its 2022 Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation, Gartner recognized Zoho as a Visionary.  

For four consecutive years, spanning from 2019 to 2022, Zoho has been honored with the prestigious Editors’ Choice award as the top CRM software.  

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7. SAP

Sape Software Logo

SAP is one of the best accounting software for CPAs and accounting firms, facilitating financial accounting and reporting functions. This software captures transactions, generates periodic operating data reports, and conducts in-depth analysis of financial information. The impact of SAP accounting software on the automation of accounting systems is profound, offering businesses, regardless of their scale or industry, an enhanced capacity for data management and streamlined financial processing. SAP accounting software empowers outsourced accounting firms to embrace advanced financial management practices.  


  • CPAs can handle a wide range of financial transactions using a single integrated system. 
  • CPAs may create up-to-date financial reports and insights because of real-time reporting and analytics capabilities. 
  • Accounting operations are streamlined by merging diverse financial activities. 
  • SAP, one of the best accounting software for CPAs and accounting firms, keeps a complete audit record of financial transactions and modifications, which is essential for transparency and fairness.  


  • General ledger 
  • Analytics and reporting 
  • Customer management 
  • Business intelligence 
  • Data visualization  

Outsource accounting servicesConclusion 

The assistance and training provided by software firms are critical in ensuring the effective use of the best accounting software for CPAs and accounting firms. This feature is especially important since it immediately affects a company’s capacity to fully utilize the software’s capabilities, improving efficiency and avoiding mistakes.  

Software companies frequently provide a variety of support services, such as technical assistance, troubleshooting, and answering user questions. This assistance assists firms offering accounting outsourcing services in navigating any difficulties they may have while using the program, assuring seamless operations. Furthermore, regular updates and patches for the best accounting software for CPAs and accounting firms are frequently included as part of the maintenance package, ensuring that the program is always up to date and safe. Comprehensive training sessions guide accountants and CPAs with the software’s capabilities and functionalities.  

Accounting software was employed by 58% of businesses to fulfill the requirements of their clients.

This best accounting software for CPAs and accounting firms offers tailored tools to meet the specific needs of firms offering accounting outsourcing services in the USA. From streamlined financial management to advanced reporting and compliance features, these software options empower outsourced accounting firms to excel in their roles and drive business success. 

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