10 QuickBooks Tips 2023 : How to use it effectively


10 QuickBooks Tips 2023: How to use it effectively

Whether you are a big corporate house or small startup organization, it is highly essential for businesses to perfectly record all the financial transactions. In this digital world, QuickBooks is a comprehensive bookkeeping and accounting software that is helping numerous businesses to smoothly record their finances. QuickBooks accounting software is highly popular and loaded with numerous features – from bank integration to bookkeeping services. At CapActix, our outsource QuickBooks accounting team has been creating accounts with this dynamic software for years now.  

However, if you don’t have vast experience with QuickBooks bookkeeping and accounting services, it can be quite challenging software too. QuickBooks is highly professional accounting software; thus, it takes time to master it. But, if you want to become a QuickBooks expert quickly, there are a couple of QuickBooks tips that you can try to make your life easier.  

What are the 10 QuickBooks tips?

Whether you want to master for QuickBooks bookkeeping services or QuickBooks accounting services, there are an array of effective tips available that you can use to make your life stress free. The most popular and useful QuickBooks tips are – 

1. Take Advantage of ProAdvisor 

If you are just getting started with QuickBooks accounting services, you should take full leverage from ProAdvisor. It is an integral part of the QuickBooks Intuit Package that helps you by connecting with a local accountant who can assist in running the software. Based on your current location, you can find pros who can help you with multiple issues such as tax preparation, outsource QuickBooks bookkeeping, offsetting expenses, and so much more.  

2. Remember Shortcuts  

When you have to spend all day tapping over the keyboard to add entries on QuickBooks, you must feel super exhausted at the end of the day. Now, you can reduce your exhaustion level by learning a few QuickBooks keyboard shortcuts such as – 

Ctrl+A – To display the accounts chart window

Ctrl+C – To copy selected part to the clipboard

Ctrl+D – To delete anything like an invoice, transaction, check, etc.

Ctrl+E – To edit a transaction in register

Ctrl +F – To display find window

Ctrl+I – To create invoice

Ctrl+J – To open customer centre

Ctrl+M – To memorize a transaction

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3. Integrate your Other Digital Tools 

When you are providing outsource QuickBooks accounting services, you need a full 360-degree view of your client’s business so that you can make important decisions of cost-cutting, forecasting, etc. To get a clear picture, you have to integrate all other financial tools with QuickBooks.  

For example, if you are preparing accounts of a B2B sales company, you should integrate order to cash process with QuickBooks. This way, you can increase efficiency and reduce administrative costs by eliminating order errors. With this small step, you can pull off your client’s from debts and prepare a roadmap for the future.  

4. Strong and Unique Password  

Accounting and bookkeeping services provider companies have to be very careful about their security. That’s because you have moral and legal responsibility to protect your clients’ financial records. Overall, QuickBooks is a very secured software, but when you integrate it with other third-party portals like banking websites, the chances of security breach gets higher.  

Thus, you should set a strong and unique QuickBooks password that can’t be easily hacked or cracked. To set your password, you simply have to click on Your Account tab and then on Change Password.  

5. Customize your QuickBooks Window 

Each accountant has a separate set of operations to perform on QuickBooks daily. For instance, someone might have to create invoices more and someone less – it completely depends upon your clients’ requirements. Thus, you should customize your QuickBooks as per your needs. Some of the common customizations that you should definitely try are – 

  • Layout Modification – If you are comfortable using older versions of QuickBooks, you can easily go back to your desired version of QuickBooks by following steps – Click on View > Top Icon Bar > Click on Edit > Preferences > Desktop View.  
  • Icon Bar Arrangement – You can customize which link to appear in the icon bar. As per your requirements, you can add, remove, or modify the icon bar. The features that you are going to use often can be marked as your favourite 

6. Enter Carefully  

If you want to provide the best outsource QuickBooks accounting services, you have to enter all the information carefully into the software. When you haven’t inserted accurate information into QuickBooks, you can’t expect to get an accurate outcome. Importantly, you have to enter the following things without any mistake – 

  • Company Information – The structural information of a business needs to be inserted perfectly, such as Tax ID number, reporting forms, report submission dates, etc. Under the Company Tab, all the information needs to be accurate without even a single error.  
  • Customer Details – Similar to the company information, the customers’ details need to be added correctly. On the Customers Tab, you have to enter all the customer details very carefully. Once you insert the accurate customer details, handling important tasks such as reconciliation and invoicing will become very easy.  
  • Employee Details – If you are using QuickBooks to pay salaries to your staff, it can effectively manage payroll deductions, tax payments, and other compliance. To enjoy this feature, you have to enter the right employee details under the Employee Tab.  

7. Keep on Reconciling  

When a human is inserting information into the machine, there are very high chances that error might occur. Thus, if you want to remove errors from your QuickBooks entries, you have to constantly reconcile transactions, bank account, and other details. Every account has a beginning and ending balance that can help you in reconciling the statement. You should reconcile all the vital accounts such as loans, credit cards, payroll liabilities, etc. 

8. Create Backup  

You can secure your data on QuickBooks by backing it up. Now, you can’t store your entire files on the system because if it fails or crashes, your business will doom. For backing up purpose, QuickBooks Online is very useful as it can automatically back up your files on the cloud. Otherwise, you can integrate QuickBooks with a backup solution for better security.  

9. Prints Checks  

If you want to reduce the time and expense involved with getting monthly checks, you can start printing them directly from QuickBooks. You just have to open the Banking Tab, and there you have the very first option to Write Checks. Once you have written a check, you can print it and reduce your workload of getting checks from the bank.  

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10. Use QuickBooks Bills  

For the effective QuickBooks accounting services, you have to streamline your business bills by paying through QuickBooks. From the Online Bill Payment option, you can eliminate unnecessary steps and bring ease in your life.  

Use QuickBooks Smartly  

QuickBooks is a very powerful and smart accounting software. Thus, when you are using QuickBooks to streamline the financial side of your business, you have to learn all the QuickBooks tips and tricks to use it effectively. With experience and constant learning, you can easily become QuickBooks pro, so keep on tweaking with the software.  

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