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Jan 13 , 2021
capactix Tax Preparation

6 Common Misconceptions About Outsourced Tax Preparation Services from India

Tax preparation services are one of the vital components of an income for CPA firm. It doesn’t matter whether you are an individual or a company; you have to file a tax return—if you are making money.   Alone in 2017, 143.3 million tax returns were filed by taxpayers in the US, which is huge. However, when everyoneRead More…

Jan 6 , 2021
capactix Online Accounting Services

What Is The Major Difference Between Proactive and Procrastinate Accounting Outsourcing Company?

Accountability and Credibility are the two important parts of any reputable company. And when we are talking about accounting outsourcing company where people’s financial matters are concerned, it becomes more important for accounting companies to honour their promises.   Today, despite knowing the benefits of accounting outsourcing services, merely 37% of small businesses outsource services. The outsourcing accounting servicesRead More…

How QuickBooks Accounting Services Can Speed Up Accounts Receivable Management?

Cash is the backbone of all businesses. Especially for startups and small businesses as they already have limited cash flow. Therefore, it is crucial to manage your cash flow properly; otherwise, payment delays, inability to pay employees, incursions of heavy interests, and other financial issues will impact your business.   It is quite challenging to manage accounts receivableRead More…

Dec 23 , 2020
capactix Tax Preparation

How Outsourced Tax Preparation Services save over 70% of CPA Firms’s Cost?

Every business has to deal with accounts since the end game of any establishment is profits. And owing to this fact, Certified Public Accounting Firms (CPA), stay busy and significant around the year. But even to these niche business of accounting, the season for tax preparation and returns can be tiring since they have to deal withRead More…

Dec 16 , 2020
capactix Payroll processing

Top 5 Payroll Accounting Software of 2021 – 5 Tips to Pick the Right Software for Dynamic Payroll Processing Services

Payroll processing services are the most mundane and time-consuming accounting services. It chunks out a major portion of a bookkeeper’s time. According to one small business report, 11% of businesses spend over 80 hours on payroll management. That’s a lot of time!  Now, companies are unnecessarily wasting their precious time on payroll management when payroll services forRead More…