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Top 10 Tips & Tricks to Use QuickBooks Effectively

Whether you are a big corporate house or small startup organization, it is highly essential for businesses to perfectly record all the financial transactions. In this digital world, QuickBooks is a comprehensive bookkeeping and accounting software that is helping numerous businesses to smoothly record their finances.   QuickBooks accounting software is highly popular and loaded with numerous featuresRead More…

Sep 16 , 2020
capactix payroll outsourcing services

4 Steps Taken by Small Businesses to Setup Payroll Outsourcing Services

From the minute a person starts working for your organization – you have to start preparing his or her payroll system. Whether you have hired contract based or full-time employees, you have to maintain a proper payroll structure.   But, for small businesses, it is hard to allocate adequate resources and infrastructure to manage their payrollRead More…

Sep 9 , 2020
capactix Offshore Accounting

When Should CPAs and Accounting Firms in the US Need to Use Offshore Accounting Services?

When you are hoping to improve your CPA or accounting firm’s productivity and growth in the prevailing slowdown, you have to invest in offshore accounting services. Offshoring is a powerful business model in which business operations can be relocated to another country for better opportunities.   In the US, CPA and accounting firms adopt offshoreRead More…