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Sep 2 , 2020
capactix Online Accounting Services

Why India is Preferred for Accounting Outsourcing Services?

To bring effectiveness and ease into your business operations, you can outsource services. Nowadays, numerous business operations are outsourced from across the physical boundaries to increase productivity and efficiency. Out of all the business activities, accounting services are prominently outsourced by CPA professionals of the US and UK to increase their productivity.    Lately, India isRead More…

Complete Comparison Between In-house and Virtual CFO Services 

When the decision to hire Chief Financial Officer for a company arises, the decision between two pathways dangles – whether to hire in-house or virtual CFO services?  The selection between both types of CFO entirely entices upon the operational area, size, and requirements of the organization. You have to foremost align your business requirements before decidingRead More…

Aug 14 , 2020
capactix Online Accounting Services

7 Traits of a Good Virtual Accountant 

Accounting is one of the vital departments to run business operations smoothly. Therefore, the trend of outsourcing accounting services for small business has been booming a lot. The virtual accounting services can bring quality and efficiency in the accounting operations under the limited price range. Thus, the concept of virtual accountants has been introduced toRead More…

Aug 6 , 2020
capactix Payroll processing

10 Benefits of Using Specialised Payroll Processing Software

Running a business is not an easy process when you have to perform numerous tasks daily to smoothly conduct your business operations. Maintaining financial paperwork is one of the tedious work that chunks out a majority of your time. Therefore, proper delegation and strategic planning are required to improve the efficiency of your accounting business.   One ofRead More…