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Feb 23 , 2021
capactix Online Accounting Services

How can Accounting Outsourcing Services boost your Hotel & Restaurant Business

For the hospitality industry, the year 2020 has been very tough due to lockdown and social distancing norms. Many hotels and restaurants have to reduce their staff or even shut down their doors permanently to cope up with the pandemic loss.   If you are trying to get your hospitality business back on track after aRead More…

Bookkeepers To-do List: 21 Bookkeeping Tasks You Should Perform Daily

“Your business growth and success depends on many things, and along that growth path, you are going to have to concede certain responsibilities and activities – whether for your accounting, your production, or day-to-day management.” — Michael Gerber  Your business’s success depends on multiple factors, including planning, strategizing, and marketing. But, out of all the business development practices,Read More…

Feb 4 , 2021
capactix Accounts Receivable and Payable

7 Steps to Improve Accounts Receivable Management by Accounts Receivable Outsourcing

Inadequate accounts receivable management is a very common problem among the majority of business organizations. According to Atradius:  In the US, 39% of invoices are paid late.   48% of payments are delayed by customers.   52% of businesses are requested to extend payment timelines.   These statistics clearly indicate that accounts receivable and payable have a big room forRead More…

Jan 28 , 2021
capactix Offshore Accounting

5 strategies to form a strong partnership with your Offshore Accounting Company

Averagely, an accountant serves 30 clients simultaneously and during the busy season, even 45 clients. Definitely, accountants are over burning themselves and require some relief, which often comes in the form of offshore accounting partners.   Offshoring accounting services means hiring a certified accounting team from outside your country to enhance your work quality without increasing yourRead More…

Jan 20 , 2021
capactix Offshore Accounting

5 Common Offshore Accounting Services Challenges & Easy Solutions to Overcome Them

Offshore accounting services boost cost savings and work efficiency, but it isn’t perfect—there are many challenges that finance and accounting outsourcing brings your way. If you don’t handle offshore accounting challenges on time, they can cause a bigger problem than your imagination.   Presently, accounting outsourcing in the USA is more challenging due to the Tax Cuts andRead More…