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May 7 , 2021
capactix Controller Services

Important Ratio Analysis To Measure The Performance Of Your Business

Measuring the performance of your business over fixed intervals is crucial for determining its financial health. One way of doing it is through the analysis of financial ratios. These ratios give you an in-depth view of utilizing resources and speak volumes about how the business operates.  Using financial ratios, you can compare various facets ofRead More…

Apr 26 , 2021
capactix Accounts Receivable and Payable

How Does Accounts Receivable Management Help Optimize The Working Capital?

The working capital that businesses possess is one of the most crucial aspects to ensuring that the operations are running smoothly. However, tracking and determining the amount of working capital one holds at a given time can be challenging. Many companies may not be able to find unnoticed cash or assets hidden in their balanceRead More…

Apr 12 , 2021
capactix Online Accounting Services

How Accounting Outsourcing Services Can Become Magic Potion for Your Manufacturing Business

The manufacturing industry is expected to increase from $86.7 billion in 2020 to $117.7 billion by 2025. It is a straight 6.3% of CAGR, which is very impressive.   Lately, with pandemic and economic slowdown, manufacturing businesses are shutting down rapidly. Many manufacturing units are struggling to meet their day-to-day operations and targets. Today, manufacturing companies need aRead More…