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Why Shortage of Quality Remote Staffing solutions providers in the accounting industry Increasing Day by Day? – Top Reasons


Why Shortage of Quality Remote Staffing solutions providers in the accounting industry Increasing Day by Day? – Top Reasons

The accounting industry is still a human-centric industry where the talent and knowledge of professionals make a difference. Especially, the experience is the highly crucial focal point of this industry. But, lately, it has been observed that it’s getting harder for remote staffing companies to find qualified staff.

It has been turning out a big struggle for remote staffing agencies to hire hard-working and experienced accounting staff. There are only a handful of remote staffing companies like CapActix available which can successfully retain their experienced and qualified staff.

Reason Behind Shortage of Quality Remote Accounting Service Providers

You must be confused that when remote staffing solutions are highly adopted by companies nowadays, then why remote staffing companies are experiencing a shortage of quality service providers. Well, there are numerous internal and external factors affecting the work quality of remote accounting firms and some of the important reasons are elaborated ahead.

A Wave of Work from Home

The business work model has changed drastically – today, instead of going to the office from 9 to 5 people are preferring to work from the comfort of their own home. It is concluded that 50% of employees prefer to work from home as they feel productive and efficient working under their comfort zone. And, this interest of accounting professionals working from home using the various technology-oriented tools has made it hard for remote staffing companies to hire full-time office employees.

As a result, accounting companies have to offer more lucrative benefits and additional things to get experienced professionals to work for them. For small and medium-sized firms, it is big financial trouble to offer additional benefits to experts, thus they aren’t able to hire expert accounting professionals to provide high-quality services.

Generation Impact

Today, you can’t ignore that millennials are a huge part of the workplace and leaving a huge impact on the economy. The attitude and nature of every generation are different and show resentment towards the older generation’s methods. Today, where 35% of the workforce is millennials, the impact of their behavior and work ethics is going to impact the way of accounting business as well.

Millennials are creative and engaging people who want to perform multiple things at one time. Thus, for them working in a small cubical all day long is torture. They love to work and travel together. That’s why the majority of qualified millennials are working as freelance accounting professionals where they solemnly work with the client. So, for accounting firms, it is challenging to grab the attention of independent millennials and encourage them to work with them. And, this is a major reason that high-quality fresher talent is slipping out of remote staffing agencies’ hands.

The Trouble of Skill Gap

According to a recent Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) survey, 38% of fresh recruits lack the technical skills that the present workplace wants. That’s because of the gap in the education sector where students are given more theoretical training, than practical assistance. As accounting is a proactive business industry where employees have to tackle critical financial situations in real-time, then the lack of technical skills – causes a great problem for them to provide the right solutions.

Today, accounting work has been fully automated that means from bookkeeping to risk management -everything has gone automated. Thus, it is very important to train young accounting students to use automatic accounting tools like Xero, QuickBooks, etc., But, unfortunately, the only a handful of educational institutions train their students to handle automation and this is a skill gap. It has been a huge problem for remote accounting companies to hire fully trained employees without investing their resources in training them.

Outdated Accounting Technology

Technology is an integral part of the accounting industry, especially for remote staffing firms. The entire business of a remote accounting company revolves around multiple accounting, communication, and employee management tools. So, if this, you are using outdated technology in your firm, then you won’t be able to offer a high caliber of services to your clients. It is a gigantic reason behind the low quality of remote accounting services – an absolute technology and software.

Flexible Schedule

People are more attracted to freelance work style because it offers them flexibility. They don’t want to stick around standard working hours – they want to work whenever they feel like it. It has been advocated by numerous workers that the pressure of fixed working hours has impacted their productivity level negatively. So, here remote companies forget to understand the work hour preferences of their employees and this negligence negatively impacts the productivity of employees. That’s why most accounting professionals work independently as freelancers so that they can have a flexible work schedule.

Wrong Method of Hiring

Some accounting firms still use the old method of recruiting new employees by advertising in the newspaper. Now, those times are gone when applicants look for job openings in the newspaper. Today, dozens of online job portal sites are present where applications search for jobs like LinkedIn. So, if you aren’t able to get qualified candidates for your remote staffing company, then you might be looking for candidates in the wrong place. Today, the market is heavy with job postings so if you want the best candidates, then you need to post a job openings on multiple portals to attract the right candidates.

High Expectations

When recruiting staff advertises positions for accounting professionals, then they should use clear and professional language. Sometimes if the content of the advertisement is too complicated or highly narrated, then candidates hesitate to apply for the position. Thus, the content of the job advertisement needs to be on the point without any vogue language. While creating job posts always remember a couple of things – don’t create long and rigid requirements list, don’t use gendered language, make a clear job title, content should not be too dry or technical, perfectly advertise your brand.

Brand Reputation

There’s no rocket science that professional and experienced staff want to work at a highly reputable company. So, if your remote accounting company’s brand value isn’t strong, then you won’t be able to attract good candidates. That’s why you should work on improving your company’s brand value to hire professionals.

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Quality Accounting Services – The Must

For remote staffing companies, to attract more global clients and make their own brand identity – they have to provide quality services to their clients. And, it is only possible if they hire competent staff and use the latest technologies. So, the real trick to improve the level of your services would be eliminating all the reasons for low efficiency.

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