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How Outsourced Bookkeeping Services Can Help in Growing your Business?


How Outsourced Bookkeeping Services Can Help in Growing your Business?

A growing business is a tough ship to sail among stormy waves. A business owner needs to make some really tough decisions to overcome major hurdles. Keeping everything in-house is often a liability and it causes major challenges for a business and in many cases curb the growth of the business. Some tasks appear too small to handle in-house, but they are really crucial for a company. Bookkeeping is one of those kinds of crucial, small appearing tasks. In fact, bookkeeping tasks for small businesses are often neglected by business owners, and this leads to some major issues. 

The wise decision for any scaled business here is to use expert bookkeeping services, whether you hire an in-house expert or outsource it to a reliable finance solution management company. In the 21st century, while business owners want to focus more on their core strength, remote bookkeeping service is quite popular and for all the right reasons.  

Often small business owners stay in dilemma about whether is it worth outsourcing bookkeeping of a business or not. Is an outsourced bookkeeping service better than an in-house bookkeeper? Having these questions is common and in fact, necessary for a small business owner, and even for a large-scaled company. Being skeptical before making any decision and trying to know why a business should outsource a bookkeeping job is necessary to identify the real returns and enjoy high returns. 

To help you make the right decision and know the real advantage of using the major benefits of outsourced bookkeeping services for small businesses or large scaled enterprises, we have collated all the major facts for you. 

What does a bookkeeping service include? 

Before we delve deeper to explore the major benefits of remote bookkeeping services, let’s first understand the real meaning of what outsourced bookkeeping services mean for a business like yours. 

Bookkeeping for any business is an exhaustive and conscious job. A bookkeeper needs to keep the financial records up-to-date and accurate by keeping a check on daily accounting changes. When a business owner outsources bookkeeping jobs, a company assigns an expert virtual bookkeeper. This remote resource will be an expert in bookkeeping, as well as, in following accounting legislations and standards in your country.  

Now, let’s explore the major reasons and advantages to outsource bookkeeping.  

How outsourced bookkeeping services will help in growing your business? 

These are a few ways in which bookkeeping outsourcing services can help in growing your business into a successful venture with a host of advantages. 

 1. More time to focus on your work 

In any business, time is money. Each resource with the key skills is very important. Even in a CPA firm, which has a whole team of in-house accountants, using these resources productively is more important. The CPA firms should not add an in-house team to handle bookkeeping jobs for clients just to keep everything in-house. For a small business, each minute spent by an owner on bookkeeping is time wasted at a very pricey rate. A small business owner must take advantage of outsourced bookkeeping solutions instead of juggling multiple things, right? 

When a business chooses to outsource bookkeeping or accounting jobs, a business owner and other manual staff have more time on hand. The remote bookkeepers have been given the important responsibility of maintaining your accounting books with the right bookkeeping software. A business can divert more time to fulfilling the requirements of its clients in a better way.

You can improve your services and can provide more valuable work for your clients. By making your one client happy, you can retain that client for a longer period and will also receive positive referrals from your satisfied client. All this happened because you have given more attention to your client’s requirements by delegating the bookkeeping work. 

 2. Improved level of efficiency 

To run a business, whether you are a startup or a well-established company, it is necessary to be more focused on your business goals and keep increasing the efficiency level. A high level of efficiency can’t be achieved if you are surrounded by different accounting books all the time. To achieve your business objectives, you have to invest your time in other important work and let an outsourced bookkeeping company handle your finances. One of the major benefits of remote bookkeeping services is a high level of accuracy and efficiency in their job. You won’t have to worry about reviewing their work, based on their expertise.  

The high level of efficiency in your accounting books will help in keeping you focused on your core goals. On the other hand, your finance books will be accurate, which can serve as an important insight into making financial and business decisions. If you are looking for investors, then also efficient bookkeeping can help you present a positive business side. Moreover, it shows how serious and responsible you will be towards the funds of your investors.  

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 3. Reduced chance of errors 

Being a business owner, you are less likely to be trained to manage bookkeeping. This may mean you have to spend more time updating your accounts. However, by using outsourced bookkeeping solutions, you will be able to get clear and accurate accounts in no time. Moreover, sometimes to comply with Tax Laws, business owners have to create multiple accounts and manage different books which get very overwhelming for a person. That’s why by using the services of experts, you can reduce the chance of making mistakes in your accounts. 

Moreover, small businesses have several tiny tasks along with major business jobs, which may lead you to make mistakes in your accounts. You may also not have a reliable bookkeeping software solution in your company. This may lead to some manmade and irreversible errors. When you use outsourced bookkeeping services for your small business, you can be stress-free. Your company or remote bookkeeper will use the best software and process to keep your accounts accurate with no errors. They are experts and they charge for accuracy. 

 4. The facility of highly trained professionals 

If you hire a full-time bookkeeping professional for your company, then it is going to be way more expensive than hiring an outsourced bookkeeping company. Moreover, by outsourcing the bookkeeping jobs of your business, you can utilize the services of differently trained professionals. Like, you can use the services of an accountant and tax consultant by hiring one outsourced finance company whereas appointing both professionals individually is going to burden your pocket more. 

It means when you make a decision of outsourcing accounting jobs like bookkeeping to a remote service company, you gain the advantage of multiple experts. Your accounts might get handled by one of the accounting expert, but they will be overlooked and assessed by other experts as well. The cost would be still of a single resource or service. In case you want to hire a bookkeeping service expert from a remote company, you can still get this benefit as each company holds a hierarchy. 

 5. Latest bookkeeping tools 

Gone are the days of keeping manual books and managing financial jobs on your own. Nowadays, the beauty of accountancy is automation. Even if there are multiple critical jobs that a bookkeeper needs to do, if there are mistakes, the software is more likely to show discrepancies and errors. This is a digital era and using digital bookkeeping and tools is a must. 

To manage your accounting books digitally, you have to purchase different software and even have to regularly upgrade them as software becomes obsolete shortly. Different bookkeeping tools may have different working models and features. Thus, you will also need to spend time learning that software. With a new software upgrade, if the layout or features get changed, you may again need to learn that. This not only increases your time investment in bookkeeping but also in the learning curve and software.  

Best bookkeeping softwareBy outsourcing bookkeeping services for your small business or any other sized business to a reliable company, you are getting the benefit of all the latest technologies and processes available in the market. When your accounts are being prepared by professionals on the latest software, then you won’t locate any errors in your books, which will eventually help your business grow financially. You will also not need to invest in the license, upgrade, and learn the software. It means a complete win-win situation for you. You can gain the advantage of the best bookkeeping infrastructure and staff in less than 50% of the total cost you would pay for in-house accounting. 

 6. On-time work accounting job completion 

Once you have outsourced your bookkeeping services to a reliable accounts outsourcing company to manage your work, you can be completely stress-free. It is not only about keeping calm for accuracy, but also for deadlines. All you need to do is just define the deadline and discuss that with the company that you have selected for handling your financial books. That is it! Now, stay relaxed and focus on your other vital duties. The outsourced company will deliver your work on time no matter what. That’s because they have a full team of accounting professionals with them. Whereas if your in-house accountant fell ill, or have to take leave, then there is no guarantee that your work will be completed on time. The in-house team may also take some jobs easy, which leads them to delays in completion and missing out on deadlines. For a company that provides you outsourced bookkeeping solutions, it is necessary to meet deadlines to retain a precious client like you. Thus, CPA firms that offer outsourcing services always stay on the top of their game and always be on time. 

7. Maximize resource utilization

When you opt for using services from an outsourced company to perform bookkeeping jobs for your business, you can augment the performance of your in-house team of accountants and bookkeepers. Your bookkeeping team will not need to work on common jobs. They will also not even need to put someone to overlook the accuracy or follow-up for meeting deadlines. A professional company will always be ahead of time. You will not only receive the best output in terms of accurate accounts, but also professional updates. On the other hand, your team can handle more complex and priority tasks.  

This will help you save expenses by reducing the common load of bookkeeping from your team. On the other hand, your in-house team can handle more productive and important jobs. This will not just help you maximize resource utilization, but it will also increase profit margins. There are many more advantages of using offshore accounting services.

 8. Elimination of a biased system 

Sometimes when you have your accounting team and other office employees working together, then there are quite high chances that an accountant can be influenced by other team members to make some biased transactions without your knowledge.

In many cases, some accountants also have biases related to their own technique of work, preference for using specific bookkeeping tools, etc. All this may lead to a wrong pattern, inaccurate and unreliable bookkeeping, and several other issues.  

This can harm your business reputation and present a fabricated picture of your financial condition. This can be lethal for your reputation. You may lose the trust of investors or customers in you. On the other hand, when you have appointed an outsourced bookkeeping company, then there won’t be any chance of biased management of accounts. Your account team will work independently and will not be in close connection with other team members to make an influential relationship. Moreover, you are an important client to make revenue.

Thus, integrity and transparency are the core values followed by the companies that handle bookkeeping or other accounting jobs for a business like yours. Unbiased account processing can lead to major advantages for your business. 


Bookkeeping is a vital business process for any company, regardless of its industry and size. Involving yourself or your team in this job may distract you from your core focus. Even if you hire an in-house bookkeeper, putting human resource costs and managerial expenses can lead you to lose more compared to outsourcing bookkeeping. 

There’s no doubt that outsourced bookkeeping services will free up your valuable time so that you can focus on growing your business by using different strategies. But, for this, you have to find the best bookkeeping services in India that can manage your confidential accounts with the utmost efficiency.  

To leverage the right advantage of outsourced bookkeeping services, you have to hire a reliable and expert accounting company. The company must be able to handle your bookkeeping jobs with utmost accuracy, but it must also be patient and professional to handle your queries. Knowing what a bookkeeping service includes and how it can benefit you would help you define the criteria for partnering with the right company.  

Your search for the best-outsourced bookkeeping services company ends here at CapActix. We offer neat and high-quality bookkeeping services to our global clients. If you are thinking about whether it is worth outsourcing the bookkeeping of your business to CapActix or not, give us a try by initiating the discussion. In the first conversation itself, you will realize our expertise and professionalism. 

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