5 questions to ask before hiring a Virtual Accountant / Bookkeeper


5 questions to ask before hiring a Virtual Accountant / Bookkeeper

As today’s business owners get busier, they’ve discovered that offloading some of their day-to-day obligations is in their best financial interest. By doing so, they may focus on more productive endeavors. And one among them is bookkeeping or accounting tasks. Business owners might lack bookkeeping abilities or sufficient understanding of all accounting procedures. So, hiring a virtual accountant/bookkeeper might be the best option.

A bookkeeper plays a crucial function in any business since they assist the organization with its finances. So, if you’re a business owner who wants to hire a bookkeeper, there are a few things you need to throw light on.

Virtual Accounting

1. Is the virtual accountant you’re going to hire certified?

Right, you’ll want to pick a virtual accountant who is well-versed in their field. In such cases, ensure that the bookkeeper you choose has a diploma, an accounting degree, or a chartered accountant. Let me warn you that bookkeeping qualifications and certifications differ from one nation to another. So make sure you inquire about the qualifications and expertise of any bookkeeper you engage.

2. How much do they charge for their virtual accountant services?

Another important topic to ask a bookkeeper is how much they charge for their services. Check to see if the virtual bookkeeping services you’re getting are reasonably priced. There are numerous bookkeepers that impose hidden fees; make sure you pick a genuine bookkeeper who charges a fair fee. These people offer the greatest and most cost-effective services to all of their clients, regardless of the size of their company.

3. When you’re done with the files, what happens to them?

Find out what happens to older files once the outsourcing service provider completes work on your bookkeeping or accounting. Do they maintain files for a specific amount of time, keep them on hand all the time, or trash them after providing you copies? Will the files be burned on a CD or made available through File Transfer Protocol after the project is finished?

If you decide to cancel your partnership with the outsourced bookkeeping service provider, get a written declaration about what will happen to your files. This inquiry can assist you in safeguarding your financial information.

4. What policies do you have in place in the event of a data breach? 

Only use a service provider or virtual accountant who has a preparedness strategy in place in case of an emergency. Learn what will happen if your physical files are taken, or your servers are hacked. Take a look at the policies the service provider put in place to minimize the damage, retrieve data, and pay the firm that has been harmed.

Also, have a look at their alert system, so that you are informed of the security breach and what will be done in the event of an emergency. This might assist you in devising a strategy in front of a security breach.

5. Is your network protected?

Ascertain that the virtual accounting services operates on a secure network. If you don’t, a hacker might connect to the network and try to access network servers, computers, and other devices in order to steal your financial information. Learn more about the vendor’s hosting provider and make sure they’ve chosen a trustworthy and skilled staff to handle data security.

Besides these 5 most important questions, you can look into a few more points to ensure that the bookkeeper you are hiring is the best of all.

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What do you love most about working in this field?

Since bookkeeping chores differ by industry, this is a crucial bookkeeper interview question to ask. Some small businesses may get away with hiring a trained bookkeeper with basic expertise, while others, such as construction firms, law firms, and NGOs, require a bookkeeper with industry-specific knowledge.

However, don’t let your accounting candidate’s lack of industry experience prevent you from making an offer of employment. If they are otherwise a good fit for your company and have a passion for or interest in your sector, they may be the greatest candidate for the job.

What are your own interests?

While you want your virtual accountant and the rest of your staff to be dedicated to your business, you also don’t want to hire someone who has no personal interests. A lack of personal interests might suggest that your application is not bothered about the work.  It’s also conceivable that the candidate is simply saying what they believe you want to hear. In any case, delve further and ask more questions.

Inquire about their degree of experience

There are bookkeepers who are skilled and knowledgeable in their specialties. Some bookkeepers, for example, are skilled at managing company transactions, while others excel in detecting and correcting errors.

However, you’ll need an expert in virtual accounting services, while others may choose a more strategic bookkeeper. As a result, depending on your business kind, you can engage a bookkeeper to help you grow your company.

Choosing the best bookkeeper for your company

How can you tell whether a potential bookkeeper is a good fit for your small business? The above bookkeeper interview questions should help you figure that out, but they’ll almost certainly need to check off the following boxes:

  • They have the technical expertise you require.
  • They’re specialists in your field, or they’re eager to learn the complexities.
  • They’re enthusiastic about what they do.
  • They are in line with your company’s wider objective and fit within your company’s culture.

Keep a tab on the above questions and make your recruiting process much simpler, easier, and quicker. In case you are planning to start a new business or have an existing one, you can refer to the  virtual accounting services provided by  CapActix , one of the best  virtual accounting firms to help you with the better functioning of your business, Contact us at +1 201-778-0509 or reach out at [email protected].