Wide Rage of Services
We helps dynamic organisations by offering a wide range of business management services.
Highly Secure
We have built a global delivery model and offer
our services through highly secure and best-in-class technology infrastructure.
We are a customer-centric niche KPO
Company and we perform rules based recurring processes where human judgment is essential to the workflow.
One Stop Place
CapActix is one stop place for the Account and Finance knowledge oriented business processes.

Why CapActix Business Solutions

We, at CapActix, take the upmost care for confidentiality and security of our clients’ confidential data. We believe that data Security is the most confidential for every client and organization.

Client Focus

We focus on understanding client’s business to improve client experience by providing value added services.

Techno Savvy

We treat strategies, technologies, and methodologies as tools and use them when they offer practical solutions and achievable results.

Experienced People

People are most valuable assets of an service organization.

Speed with Quality

We react quickly to our clients’ needs and issues without compromising on quality.

Customized Solutions

We understand that each client is different in need and expectation so we provide tailored and pragmatic advise Customize regardless of the size of the client.


CapActix provides a full range of bookkeeping and accounting services aimed at assisting to start up businesses and small to medium sized companies who can curtail their cost of hiring of in-house staff.

Outsourcing payroll administration function and payroll report management helps you simplify your payroll processing department. CapActix serves the clients as a committed payroll management partner.

Keeping track of accounts receivables and accounts payable is very crucial for any business. Non payment to vendors on time can affect supply of goods or services and in turn, other essential functions of the business.

Considering importance of timely completion of year-end finalization, complexities involved and quality of resources required, we , at CapActix provides services of year-end finalization of books of accounts.

Outsourcing tax related monthly and yearly compliances such as Sales Tax and Withholding Tax to expert firms like CapActix. increases compliances.

Organizations require various insights to make important business decisions that affect its operations. We prepare various kinds of report to provide management with a detailed understanding of their company figures.


Becker Lanstone Consults
Managing Director

After heavily researching a number of leading providers for business process outsourcing, we chose to outsource our accounting, compliances and management reporting to CapActix Business Solutions and immediately saw great improvement. We are able to focus on our core business without worrying of accounting and compliances.

Mahant Shree International Limited
Managing Director

We are extremely pleased with the excellent services provided by CapActix Business Solutions. They removed the challenges not only in accounting but also in payroll management and management reporting we were facing. They truly deliver as their tag line “Solutions Beyond Client’s Expectation”.


What is Knowledge Processes Outsourcing?

Non-core business activities demand time, careful attention and expertise which is difficult for small business owners to manage through in-house resources. Using Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) services, these activities can be efficiently managed in a cost effective way.

Back office outsourcing is one of the categories of KPO services. Back office outsourcing offers organizations services to help manage tasks like Bookkeeping, Cost Analyses, Payroll processing, Financial Reporting , Tax Compliance, Fund management, data entry, data analyses and much more. Back office tasks are integral to a company’s core business processes and help to keep the business run smoothly.