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Top Five Technology Trends For Your CPA Firms To Focus On In 2021


Top Five Technology Trends For Your CPA Firms To Focus On In 2021

There are several tales to be told about technology. The phrase is associated with growth, and it continues to evolve enterprises in much of today’s corporate scene. It automates manual operations and alters processes and procedures.  

CPA firms can now run more smoothly and profitably, thanks to technological advancements. And it is here that the most recent accounting developments are centered. 

Accounting companies in the US will undergo significant change in 2021, from blockchain-driven revolutionary accounting methods to new methods of working in the aftermath of the pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic’s specific issues have resulted in long-term adjustments for accounting firms in terms of company growth and promotion. 

Top 5 technology trends of 2021 for your CPA firms

1.Automated accounting method 

Accounting automation automates the most time-consuming aspects of an accountant’s workday, frequently in real-time. These systems, which are also known as computerized accounting software, conduct numerical calculations and transaction tracking for your company. 

More accounting companies in the US are being automated, a popular trend in the sector. Automation reduces mistakes and removes ambiguity, which is why businesses are more likely to participate in automated solutions. Because the process is primarily reliant on computers, organizations risk succumbing to fraud and having their security compromised. 

By 2021, correctly applied automation will have aided more than 91% of businesses in improving compliance. 

Not just that, but by utilizing modern automation technology, CPAs may save time, energy, and money by eliminating time-consuming manual operations like spreadsheets and figure calculating. 

CPA firms may spend more time on real-worth jobs that need social contact or thorough analysis due to automation. 

2.Cloud-based accounting 

Accounting services are increasingly being provided on the cloud. Companies and firms may reach their financial models at any time using cloud-based accounting solutions, which is good news for organizations that have transitioned to a virtual work environment since the COVID-19 epidemic began. 

The growing popularity of remote working (WFH) in the industry has sparked a need for cloud-based technologies which would enable organizations and businesses to function more efficiently throughout the world. To manage sales, keep secret customer data, and track supplies, many CPA firms rely on in-house computer systems and on-site servers. 

As a result, over 67% of CPA firm accountants now feel that cloud technology may help them perform their jobs more efficiently. This is according to a poll done by Sage, which also found that 53% of participants used cloud-based process improvement and internal communications products. 

This might be linked to an increase in the desire for innovative technical solutions across various accounting outsourcing companies in the US. The accountancy sector is one of them, and it is making significant strides toward more efficient and effective system financial data and analytics. 

CPA outsourcing services assist CPA companies in saving money while fostering good practice. CapActix Business Solutions have a team of qualified accounting specialists who support in resolving these challenges and collaborate with your CPA firm to optimize your accounting and bookkeeping activities. Data security is also a major worry for many CPA companies, according to our research experts. 

We integrate one’s company with the most up-to-date technology and innovations to improve accounting and spend our efforts to create a strong foundation for any firm. 


Another development we’ll see in 2021 is an increase in the number of businesses and consumers using blockchain-based trade and investment banking. For a valid purpose, accounting companies in the US need to learn more about blockchain technology.  

The accounting industry is already being transformed by blockchain, cutting the expenses of balancing and sustaining accounting records. It also gives the necessary precision in profitability and asset custody, and provenance. 

Accountants of CPA firms can have a clearer picture of their contractual shareholders and assets, thanks to blockchain technology. As a result, it’s no mystery that a substantial majority of blockchain accounts are generated each month, with a large proportion of them belonging to businesses. 

As per Statista, companies in the United States are expected to spend $1.1 billion on blockchain technology by the end of 2022.  

4.Prioritize data analytics 

The accounting companies in the US are shifting their attention to data analytics as technology makes specialized accounting jobs simpler. Alongside cloud-based technologies and computerized accountancy, data analytics is expected to create changes in the accounting industry.  

As a consequence, the need for data professionals is expected to soar. This is significant for business owners since it allows them to make better decisions and comprehend their company’s overall status at the press of a button. 

Accountants are assuming new responsibilities as consultants, requiring distinctive skill sets centred on data analysis. Companies may gain helpful data by analyzing data, which allows them to discover quality improvement, maximize productivity, and effectively manage concerns. 

While analytics as a component of CPA firms isn’t new, it has become more effective in recent years, displaying business results in a better perspective for more actionable information. Data analytics is used by larger accounting companies in tax, advising, risk assessment, and auditing. 

5.Remote accounting 

The unemployment rate for finance and accounting jobs in the United States was 5.7% in August 2020, compared to an overall unemployment rate of 8.4%. 

One of the positive sides of the COVID-19 outbreak is that it has demonstrated how successfully commercial banks can function with remote employees. CPA firms working remotely may still provide high-quality service to their customers because of a mix of developing information and electronic accounting. 

Despite the fact that an overwhelming amount of accounting businesses are becoming committed to the idea of having their employees work virtually on a regular basis. Firms must consider information security actions to minimize expensive data theft. 

From maintaining accounting statements to analyzing the data, many areas of financial reporting have been automated, allowing them to be completed online and from any place. Accounting companies in the US will continue to assist customers in establishing a stable and cost-effective equilibrium in the coming years, whether they work from home or in the workplace. 

Those in the accountancy profession are well aware that they are in the middle of massive change, from emerging technologies to demographic upheavals. While some businesses are hesitant to embrace and adjust to the impending shift, others are meeting the issue full-on by adopting the latest trends into their operations.  

CPA firms managers who keep a watch on accountancy market trends have the edge over rivals who could be unaware of these patterns since they can modify their tactics to adapt and expand their businesses based on the knowledge. To put it another way, accounting trends are significant because they may influence a company’s performance.  

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