Accounting is the heart of a business, and the health of business entirely relies on the health of accounts.


Accounting Health Check

Accounting Process Health Check Services

You can consider accounting as the barometer that helps you with financial health check of your business. Various analyses like Ratio Analysis, Forecasting, Decision Making, Operational Analysis, etc. can be made from accurate and complete accounting information.

Organizations hire an in-house accountant to prepare proper accounts and that too in the appropriate format, and they believe that they are working just like how they wanted them to do. They think that the accountant is working properly until there is no disturbance from third parties such as the supplier, customers, and bankers.

At CapActix, we offer you financial health services. Financial health check services aim to observe economic status and reporting areas to know the financial health. After analysing the financial health advises are given to improve the accounting and finance processes of the company.

Our accounting and financial health check services include the following steps:

  1. Managing detailed interaction with the client’s account and finance team, using our proprietary comprehensive checklist to start understanding the status.
  2. Undertaking interaction with external parties such as the company’s auditors and others who could affect the financial health of the company
  3. Based on communications, understanding, and process manual, brief Accounting and finance process document are prepared
  4. Preparing draft of executive summary and reports of result
  5. Presenting the draft report to the company’s management for and listening to their feedback
  6. On receipt of responses from management, preparing the final report with recommendation and advice for strengthening account and finance processes
  7. Conducting presentation meeting with management of client and providing detailed explanation of our observation and recommendations in addition to understanding their views

After financial health check services, we also help companies in designing and amending various policies and procedures, drafting accounting and financial manual on special request. We can also assist them in implementing the recommendations given by our team after financial health check.

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