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Questions to Ask a Payroll Specialist before Outsourcing Payroll Services


Questions to Ask a Payroll Specialist before Outsourcing Payroll Services

There are multiple companies that offer outsourcing payroll services to global clients. However, all outsourced service providers might not be the right partner for you. Even if you have multiple options to outsource your payroll services, only a few of them will have the bandwidth and passion to meet your specific needs and business vision. Thus, to make sure you outsource the right payroll experts, you must ask the right questions.

In this article, we will share the top and must-ask questions to outsourcing payroll specialists firm that can help you receive the best returns. 

 1. What services do they include while a business is outsourcing payroll services?

Outsourcing payroll processing to India might mean something else to you and the services your provider will have in the offering list might be different. Thus, it is necessary to get clarity on what is included and what is not included in the payroll services. This will give you clarity on whether the company covers all the services that you are seeking or not. If not, you can also figure out the additional cost for the services that your provider is not offering.

 2. Can we hire outsourcing payroll firms?

For CPA firms, payroll processing is a service offered to their clients and in that case instead of outsourcing payroll processing, a business can simply hire outsourcing payroll firms. The dedicated experts can help in delivering better and faster services to make sure by allocating a fixed number of hours per day. Thus, it is necessary to explore the hiring models and packages along with exploring the cost of outsourcing payroll services to India.

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 3. What is included in payroll processing if I outsource payroll processing?

When you outsource your project, you are likely to expert different services and even companies have different inclusion and exclusion for this model. Thus, it is necessary to ask what will be the job role of the payroll expert when you outsource for your CPA firms. Also, if you want to include anything in addition to what is part of the service that a hired resource will not do as per the package, then how much that will cost in addition.

 4. What software and tools do you use for payroll processing?

Whether you opt for outsourcing payroll services, you must check the software that a company will use. It is necessary for your partner to use the best and most modern software to provide accurate and timely results, plus, to take advantage of automation. If your company keeps practicing manual processing for any reason, it will not only slow down the process, but it will also cost you more.

Best payroll processing software 5. How will you meet my expectations?

To make sure you get the best returns from making decisions to outsource payroll processing, you need to ensure that your partner understands your vision and mission. Thus, clearly state all your expectations to your partner and ask for a concrete plan on how they will meet your needs. Your partner has to understand the end goal you want to achieve from their service to reap the best results and that has to be documented in their own words.

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 6. How transparent is your costing model?

Lower expenses and reduced efforts are the main drivers behind outsourcing payroll services. These needs can be met if your provider has a clear pricing table and reason to justify the cost you would be paying for it. Be vocal to ask your provider to break down the cost and how they will justify the cost to make sure you are going to get the right returns.

 7. How long have you been in the industry? Can I see your portfolio?

All finance-related jobs are critical and should not be given in the hands of a novice person. You must outsource  to the right payroll company to handle it meticulously. For that, it is necessary to check the total experience of the company along with their experience in your industry vertical. You can even ask to see their portfolio and reports to gauge their expertise in a specific industry.

CapActix' portfolio 8. How will the company handle local laws, taxes, and compliances?

If your CPA firm provides payroll processing services to multiple countries, when you decide to outsource payroll processing, you have to be very sure about the fact that your payroll team is well-versed with the local legislation of payroll processing. They must also know what type of taxes is applied at the time of payroll processing and what other standards and compliances they need to follow.

Even if you provide this service within your country, it is necessary to check that your partner knows the local rules, standards, taxes, etc. to make payroll processing flawless. For example, if your business handles payroll in the USA and you are outsourcing payroll services to India, the provider must know how to handle this job in the USA with the local legislation.

 9. How can you track the productivity of outsourced resources for payroll processing?

This is a common question buzzing the mind of anyone that decides to outsource payroll processing so don’t keep this question in your mind. Simply ask it to see what kind of attendance, time tracker, communication, reporting, and other tools the company uses to give you a transparent view to what’s happening during the hours you have outsourced the payroll services. 

 10. How approachable is a payroll specialist during your time zone?

A payroll processing job might not need your involvement too much if you outsource to the right partner, but still, there will be occasions when you want to take a call with your offshore team to discuss a new project, feedback from client, etc. When the time zone of your business and the payroll processing company are different, it is necessary to check in advance how the communication will be carried out. The approach to having a call or conducting any other form of communication to discuss things during your time zone needs to be figured out.

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 11. Will they work in your environment?

Financial data security is essential for businesses and therefore, many CPA firms prefer that their offshore finance experts work in their software using their environment. This gives an added security layer. Not all outsourcing companies agree to take this challenge of working in your environment. But, the one that agrees can be the right partner as it also indicates high transparency.

 12. What is the process to get started with payroll processing?

Once you agree with costing, outsourcing models, and other aspects, you must know the kick-start project to know how long it can take to start your work. This question also includes answers to questions like, how long your partner will take to load the past data for accurate payroll processing; If your team and other employees of your customers will get their salaries on time or not; how much training will be needed to get things on track. 


There are many options when you want to outsource payroll processing, but it is necessary to choose the one that matches your requirements, expectations, and vibes. Selecting experienced, tech-savvy, proactive, progressive, and passionate partners can be your right choice to gain real benefits.

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