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Partnership Model

Partnering with us help you to generate new business revenue, Let’s begin right here!

Partnership Model

Outsourcing for Accounting Firms | Accounting Outsourcing Company

CapActix is a leading Accounting outsourcing company that believes in exceptional and simultaneous growth; a growth that leads to an extensive collaboration for success. We are open to embracing consultants, agencies, businesses to be associated with us.

We aim for providing better the best service to the community at large. We aspire to bring competitive advantages, values, efficiency, excellence and of course revenue on board, together. Of course, the strategic partnership comes with several benefits, synergy and overall growth. Contact CapActix to outsourcing for accounting firms.

Who can become Partner with Us?

CapActix Partner Info
  • Focusing on the higher revenue generation
  • Offering efficient and automated services for long-term
  • Developing and enhancing business offering and tools
  • Dramatically improving the service delivery capabilities with no investment
  • Providing the customized financial and operating reports to clients based on their needs
  • Increase the flow to qualified leads through cross-referrals
  • Back-office Support:
    CapActix Business Solutions aligns in complementary business models with the firms providing Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Financial Services. Our partners can delegate their accounting and bookkeeping tasks to CapActix so that they can focus on the higher-profit margin services to excel their business.
  • Project Support:
    CapActix has the dynamic team of people with an incredible set of abilities to provide support on specific projects such as the implementation of an internal control system, software implementation, and business process re-engineering.

CapActix Business Solutions specializes in accounting services and management reporting except for the core CPA services such as assurance, certification, and opinions. This puts CapActix and CPAs or other prospective partners in an invaluable position to cross-refer new business prospects.

  • CapActix to Partners
    CapActix invites partners to take benefit of our worldwide network of authentic client relationships to communicate your wide range of services and increase your client base.
  • Partners to CapActix:
    We get immense benefits from more efficient and profitable client engagements for the bookkeeping or other back-office tasks for your clients.