Ideas to Effectively Manage Your Remote Accountants


Ideas to Effectively Manage Your Remote Accountants

Managing remote staffing for accounting firms isn’t a piece of a chocolate cake. It is hard as concrete for CPA firms to manage their remotely working accountants and ensure that they are following the right path. Accounting firms have to consider millions of things to align their remote accountants like –

  • How to monitor work progress?
  • How to collaborate with remote and in-house accountants?
  • How to make sure that the client’s needs aren’t neglected?

There are so many WHY’s that accounting firms have to think about before working with a remote accountant. Here, remote staffing companies like CapActix can be a blessing in disguise for CPA firms as they can guide them to effectively manage remote accountant teams.

Art of Managing Remote Accountants

Remote staffing for CPA firms can be highly beneficial if they learn the art of managing their remote accountant staff. It is very easy to manage remote accountants with the proper planning that includes –

1.Availability of Essential Tools

If you want to properly manage your remotely working accountants, then you need to acquire the right tools. You need multiple tools to – interact with accountants, track their performance, oversee their work, and much more. With the help of the right tools, you will be able to keep an eye on your remote accountants and create a business environment where you feel like the remote staff is sitting right next to you.

There are vivid types of tools required to manage accountants remotely like communication tool – Karbon, meeting tool – Zoom, accounting work oversee tool – Quickbooks or Zoho, etc.,

2.Treat Remote Workers Equally

In most accounting firms, the remote staffing concept fails because they won’t treat their remote staff the same as their in-house staff. Companies, don’t need to forget that remote accountants are part of their company just like their office-based accountants. If they don’t visit the office physically, then this won’t make any difference in their work contribution. They are working the same – in some cases even more than office staff so they need to be treated equally.

Remote accountants should be consulted in every important business decision and management should give them timely feedback on call. And, they should be encouraged to share their thoughts for the betterment of the company.

3.Set Work Schedule

To make remote staffing for accounting firms a successful venture, managers have to set the weekly or monthly work schedule in the advance. Managers should create a worksheet for every remote accountant at the beginning of a month and should check the progress of the work from time to time. This way managers can set the responsibility of an accountant and they can check whether a remote employee has completed his job on time or not.

Management can try to prioritize the work as well so that accountants can accomplish urgent work firstly.

4.Offer Personalised Experience

These days, a higher amount of people is preferring remote working lifestyles because it gives them flexibility and independence. So, remote staffing companies should use these two tools to provide personal work experience to their staff. For instance, if one or more remote accountants have children below 3 years old, then you can adjust the meeting time according to their kids’ nap time.

This small initiative might not affect accounting companies workflow much, but it will indeed make your remote staff happy that will eventually reflect in their work. So, being a little considerate with your remote accountants can leave a huge positive impact on your workflow.

5.Gain Confidence

When you are managing professionals like accountants and bookkeepers, then you need to throw an element of trust into the mixture. Accountants are highly competent and competitive – thus, they always like to be in control of their work – so accounting companies should establish a system that allows them to have full visibility over accountants’ workflow. Accounting companies need to here remember that their agenda isn’t to micromanage everything – no their motto is to track, learn and set corrections in place so that mistakes won’t be repeated and productivity iteration increases.

With a designated system, it becomes more natural for CPA firms to establish communication and check the performance of their remote accountants.

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6.Not Every Accountant Is Fit for Remote Role

Not everyone is cut out to be a remote employee, especially if those same employees do not have an effective home office or a quiet location to knock out some accounting work. Some employees adore working in the office as they can’t function properly without direct communication and personal touch. Even some people feel depressed and alone when they have to work in an independent work environment.

So, their accounting firms have to make sure that whether employees that they are hiring for the job is competent enough to handle everything on their own or need constant guidance. There few key pointers which accounting firms can use to test the caliber of remote accountants –

  • Access their punctuality level from the fact that whether they show up for telephonic or video interview on time.
  • How frequently and quickly they respond to emails – a day, week, or month?
  • Are they comfortable using the new technologies?
  • Do they have any past remote work experience? If so, how did it go?

With the allocation of remote staffing for accounting firms, they will get the opportunity to scale faster, hire the best accounting talent available globally and offer lucrative work options to employees. If your accounting firm has a proper system and technology, then you can easily collaborate, communicate and share knowledge of highly competent accounting staff without compromising your work structure.

However, if you don’t want to go through all the trouble of managing your accountants on your own, then you can try the services of CapActix by making contact on -: email [email protected]. or can call on +201-778-0509.