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Build Your Own Tax Team with Offshore Staffing Solutions


Build Your Own Tax Team with Offshore Staffing Solutions

Tax preparation and return filing is a major job that needs to be taken care of by experts. Businesses often deal with a high volume of transactions and that is why they need expert CPA firms to handle their taxation jobs. Usually, a CPA firm will have multiple tax projects from multiple business clients. To handle this workload with utmost accuracy and efficiency, a CPA firm must have a team of experts. The common choices of a CPA firm are to either hire an in-house team of seasonal tax preparers or outsource to an Offshore Tax Preparation company.

But, have you ever thought of offshore staffing solutions over offshore accounting solutions?

There are multiple advantages of using service from a reliable and certified offshore staffing company that offers staffing solutions to let you build your own team of seasonal tax preparers.

What is an offshore staffing solution for tax preparation?

Staffing solution lets you build your desired team without taking any stress or pain of recruiting, training, managing, and retaining staff. Usually, your staff will work from a remote office, but it will not hamper productivity or output in any way. 

For a tax preparer or a CPA company, an offshore staffing company provides options to hire a virtual tax preparer from India. You can even hire multiple seasonal tax preparers depending on your business needs and the demand of the tax preparation projects you have on hand.

Why use an offshore staffing solution?

The offshore staffing companies that let you hire tax preparers from India can bestow much more benefits compared to offshore accounting solutions. Let’s explore the top reasons to build your own team of tax preparers that work from a reliable tax preparation company. 

benefits of using offshore staffing solutions 1. No pain of recruitment

One of the major advantages of using an augmented tax preparer team from an offshore staffing company is that you will not need to go through the process of recruitment. You will also not need to spend a dedicated recruiter to find seasonal tax preparers. All you need to do is, simply share how many tax experts you want with what eligibility criteria.

The offshore company will present you with the best talent. This will let you stay away from the hassle of the recruitment process. 

 2. Expert taxation services

The CPA firms that offer outsourcing services or models for hiring tax preparers from India will have a team of seasoned tax preparation experts. Tax preparation is not common in all countries. Different legislation, standards, and terminologies are used, which often get modified repetitively. Thus, the tax preparer must know all relevant information about taxation in your country.

Whether your CPA firm decides to hire a part time seasonal tax preparer that would work from your office or if you hire a virtual tax preparer from India, it is necessary to ensure that he or she has expertise in tax preparation and filing in your country. You might need to train your in-house resources and even keep an eye to verify if the job done is correct and accurate or not.

The best offshore staffing companies train their tax preparation experts to provide versatile services in all countries. They will not only have the required knowledge, but also access to the right accounting software and tools to provide better and more reliable taxation services. You will also not need to supervise their work as the company offering offshore accounting solutions along with hiring options will have a team of managers to manage accuracy.

 3. Dedicated services

Many CPA firms choose an in-house tax preparer over tax preparation outsourcing services because they want a dedicated resource with which they can communicate and discuss ongoing tax preparation tasks. But, in the case of outsourcing, a company adds predefined hours and only the SPOC (Single Point of Contact) handles all conversations.

There is another more beneficial option, which is hiring tax preparers from India. In that case, your CPA firm can overcome roadblocks related to outsourcing services and in-house tax preparation experts.

 4. Low investment

You will neither need a physical space to accommodate your accounting staff nor will you need accounting software and other infrastructure to provide a nice ambiance to work more efficiently. Unlike that, you can simply pass your tax work to your hired resource and the resource will handle everything to produce the right results.

The offshore staffing companies will also have the best tools and software to let tax preparers save time and produce accurate results. You will not need to buy a license for these solutions.

 5. Simplified management

 Many CPA firms think that it would demand more time to manage a virtual resource, but the reality is completely opposite. Any company that lets you hire a part time seasonal tax preparer will have well defined protocols to manage projects like yours. The company will also have clear policies for commencing a project, operating on tax preparation jobs, communication, reporting, etc. All this will make the whole job seamless. You will not even realize that you have hired a virtual tax preparer. 

 6. Better returns

As mentioned earlier, the investment in a virtual tax preparer would be way lower than hiring an in-house remote. The flexibility of resources, work, etc. would be higher than using outsourced tax preparation services. This will help you increase returns by handling more tax projects, reducing overhead on your business, and delivering more satisfactory services to your clients.

 7. Speedy business expansion

When you hire a remote tax preparer from India, you can put all your focus on customer care and customer relationship management to retain clients and get more accounting and finance jobs other than outsourcing. You can also work on new leads to onboard new clients to keep elevating your profit graph. This will help you achieve rapid business growth.

Concluding notes

In a nutshell, there are many advantages of using an offshore staffing company to allocate the best seasonal tax preparer for you. The tax preparer will handle the jobs related to tax preparation filling, etc., and you will be able to handle more vital business aspects like client retention, lead generation, and sales, business expansion, etc.

Would you be interested in exploring more about hiring tax preparers from India?

We, CapActix, can help you. We have been offering the best offshore accounting solutions, which also provide offshore staffing solutions. You can hire virtual tax preparers from India that are certified and experienced to deliver the best output for your taxation projects. If you have any queries, visit our website and Contact us at +1 201-778-0509 or reach out at [email protected].