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Feb 12 , 2019
capactix Software & Applications

Everything you ought to know about small business bookkeeping software and apps

Small business owners deal with a number of monotonous tasks day in and day out. Accounting and Bookkeeping are certainly one of them. They simply cannot get away with it. In the era of technology disruption, everything is digitized, so do bookkeeping services for a small business. It saves your precious time and frees youRead More…

Jan 22 , 2019
capactix Cloud Accounting

What is Cloud Accounting? 6 Reasons why cloud accounting is good for your business and how it helps you grow.

You must be living under the rock if you have not heard of cloud computing. Most of the businesses today are shifting towards cloud technology. This is the paradigm shift, we have been witnessing over the past years. It facilitates business operations with more efficiency and accessibility. Simply put, Cloud accounting is moving the financialRead More…

Jan 16 , 2019
capactix Bank Reconciliation

What is bank reconciliation? 8 reasons to reconcile monthly to aid establishing a sound internal control system

Many businesses today, struggle with financial control. They must adopt uncompromising standards to ensure all the company’s records from ledger to balance sheet are correct and verified. Bank reconciliation is validating your transactions and balances. It helps you identify discrepancy and remove them from your records. We know it is a very repetitive and mundaneRead More…