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6 Tricks To Offload The Tax Season Burden of Your CPA/Accounting Firm


6 Tricks To Offload The Tax Season Burden of Your CPA/Accounting Firm

CPA firms specialize in meeting business needs with a host of services like developing personal and business financial plans, tax planning, CPA tax preparation, financial transaction analysis, offshore accounting services, and more. The whole year stays hard on the CPA and other accounting companies, but tax season is often enervating. To save yourself from a grueling tax season, you can take some imperative steps to take off the workload and make the whole tax season easy on you.

Here are the top 6 tricks and tips shared by one of the leading tax preparation outsourcing companies to help you take off the burden.

Tricks To Offload The Tax Season Burden

1.  Stay ahead of time

We all know how customers are! They believe that you work round the clock and finish CPA tax preparation in less than five minutes with your magical skills. However, each and every accounting and CPA firm knows that this is not how it works. 

It takes days and sometimes weeks to analyze documents and complete paperwork in the tax season. Therefore, staying ahead of time is necessary. For that, you can follow these tips:

  • Collect documents from customers well in advance by sending constant and timely reminders. You can also quarterly collect documents to avoid the last minute hustle.
  • Keep your clients aware of how crucial it is to get everything in line well in advance to get enough time to arrange missing paperwork or other things.
  • Continue to do your part of the job as soon as you get documents and one of the most important ones is organizing all documents efficiently to ensure you do not miss out on important information or misplace crucial finance documents. 

2.  Take advantage of the expertise of other tax preparation outsourcing companies 

In a majority of CPA and accounting firms in the USA or any part of the world, customer relationship management is one of the major challenges. The owner or managers of the firm have to be in touch with the client and have multiple meetings for different purposes. Hiring an in-house team of accountants can increase expenses and that again in many cases doesn’t help in speedy and accurate tax preparation and filling for multiple reasons.

Here your savior is a certified and reliable CPA firm that offers Outsourced Tax Preparation. The company will work as a leader with its per return model or dedicated tax preparer hired by you to take care of your business needs. The company will handle everything; from paperwork, tax organizer  and documentation management to document verification, statement analysis, CPA tax preparation, tax filing, and more. The great thing is you can reduce your overall expenses by up to 70% by using the best taxing services offered by the company by the top accountants and CPAs. 

They will also follow your processes and deadlines religiously to provide accurate and timely results on the table for you.

3.  Make maximum use of digitization and technology

In the states, the tax preparation and filing return have been digitized for many years and accounting and CPA firms offering CPA tax preparation services are well versed with these systems. Other than that, these companies must also use the best accounting and financial tools made available by technological advancements. Even if you are thinking of using tax preparation outsourcing services from a reliable and certified account outsourcing and tax preparation firm, you must ensure that the company uses the top accounting and tax tools.

In the 21st century, you can find tools for everything:

  • To manage customer details, financial details, and documents in a digitized format
  • To manage customer accounts and provide accounting services
  • For tax preparation and bulk tax filing
  • For account reconciliation 
  • For business and cost analysis
  • To generate reports
  • And more

Of course, still, everything is not 100% automated. You still need skilled, intelligent, and experienced accounting experts. But, the use of these tools often contributes to better process management, faster and efficient accounting jobs, error-free reporting, and easier client management.

You or your accounting partner must use the best tools to reduce turnaround time and help you leverage the maximum advantages of technology.

4.  Define the right process

Having everything at your disposal with no well defined process can make things sluggish. You must have a well defined and well documented process to keep things on track and processes in a streamlined manner to make CPA tax preparation and filling jobs easier and more efficient. Your account staff, customers, and the company that offers you Outsourced Tax Preparation Services must be aware of these processes and in order to help you with better and on-time accounting and tax preparation.

This will save you from running behind everyone and explaining and verifying things at the end time when tax season has already taken off. 

5.  Anticipate complicated cases and challenges 

Even if you are going to use offshore accounting services, it is necessary to anticipate major challenges that you face or expect to face for one or more clients based on their financial situations and documents. Tackling issues when they occur can help in reducing the burden during the tax season when you are swamped with work. You must have a list of clients with complicated tax history and documents, so you or your accounting partner can put an expert to tackle the situation beforehand to stay prepared and fill the returns without much back and forth during the actual tax season. 

6.  Stay focused and professional

It is necessary to delegate roles among your team or tax preparation outsourcing company with which you have partnered to focus on your core accountability of business expansion and growth. Some of the expert tips to stay focused and professional are as below:

  • Set achievable goals for everyone: yourself, your team, or your offshore accounting firm
  • Stay polite, but learn to say no to your team, clients, and partners to keep things on track and avoid last minute hassles.
  • Be strict in follow-ups and set clear expectations for everyone.
  • Be flexible, but stay focused.
  • Love what you do.
  • Recognize and reward the good work


Tax seasons are often busy for CPA and accounting firms when everyone is scrambling to finish tax preparation and filling for all clients. A majority of the time, due to lack of time, preparation, staff, or resources, CPA firms face hardship in finishing the job for all clients and always wave bye to tax season with a feeling that they could have done somewhat better.

To save yourself, your team, and your firm from this ordeal of tax season, follow the expert tips shared in this article and enjoy tax season with a zero burden.

Having experienced accounting experts in your team can help you stay stress free while they take care of everything for you. A company offering offshore accounting services can be your guiding light and savior in this process of being more prepared to offload the tax season burden.

We, CapActix, are a renowned and certified accounting firm that has empowered several USA based CPA and accounting companies. For more details on how we can help you, get in touch.

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