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What Is The Major Difference Between Proactive and Procrastinate Accounting Outsourcing Company?


What Is The Major Difference Between Proactive and Procrastinate Accounting Outsourcing Company?

Accountability and Credibility are the two important parts of any reputable company. And when we are talking about accounting outsourcing company where people’s financial matters are concerned, it becomes more important for accounting companies to honour their promises.  

Today, despite knowing the benefits of accounting outsourcing services, merely 37% of small businesses outsource services. The outsourcing accounting services for small business opt so less because people are worried about the outsourcing companies’ Proactive and Procrastinate nature.  

It is a major concern of the people that accounting outsourcing companies will follow a procrastinating approach and run their business into the ground. Now, their worry might not be wrong because they can’t compromise with the quality of their accounting and finance work.  

But, if they learn the difference between Proactive and Procrastinate accounting outsourcing companies, they can effortlessly gain all accounting outsourcing services benefits. So, without any ado, let’s compare both polar opposite approaches.   

What is a Procrastinate Accounting Company? 

Procrastinate accounting companies unnecessarily delay tasks or decisions. For example, they can constantly postpone your work, or they might start your work but don’t complete it on time.  

Procrastination is a very common problem among workplaces, but it isn’t addressed actively. Many people confuse it with laziness, but it’s more of a distraction or overwhelming situation.  

In accounting outsourcing services, procrastination is a big problem because you aren’t in direct control of your work. You have to trust the outsourcing company to deliver high-quality work on time. The procrastinate outcome can impact your business in many ways—loss of clients, lower-income, poor quality, etc.  

What is a Proactive Accounting Company? 

Proactive accounting companies take responsibility for their actions. They effectively fulfil their responsibilities by creating a cooperative work environment. These companies are forward thinkers—they think and plan for every scenario.  

Your proactive outsourcing company can provide timely solutions and never let you fall into any accounting troubles. For example, proactive accounting organizations start developing a plan for the upcoming tax season a few months ahead. They hire new employees and update their software in advance so they can offer the best tax services during the busy tax season.  

Proactive vs. Procrastinate Accounting Outsourcing Company

If you don’t want to hire a procrastinate accounting company, you have to understand the difference between both styles: 

Workload Level – 

Usually, outsourcing accounting services for small business are hired by moderate size accounting firms. So, the procrastination problem occurs when outsourcing companies take up more work than their capacity. Overburden makes them delay your work deliveries or provide poor quality.  

Therefore, you should hire a proactive outsourcing company that can fully dedicate to your work—always stick to timeline and quality. At CapActix, when we have to take up a new client, we ensure to have sufficient time to dedicate his or her work. And even if we have to hire new staff members to accommodate our clients, we will immediately do that. 

Leadership Status –  

If the captain of a ship is a procrastinator, what can you expect from his team? It means if accounting outsourcing company owners are procrastinators, they can’t ensure to provide good quality services to their clients.  

Therefore, make sure to hire an outsourcing partner with strong leadership. The proactive leaders are responsible and authoritative; they ensure to provide the best accounting services by hook or crook.  

Unplanned Strategies – 

When you start working with a new outsourcing company, get the full work plan in advance like—delivery dates, communication methods, quality standards, etc. That’s because procrastinating companies don’t have a plan; they act on a whim without considering the future consequences, which is dangerous.  

For example, if you have hired outsourced accounts receivable services and the company has no plan to improve your cash inflow cycle. In this situation, either you’ll be left with no cash in hand, or your bad debt increase.  

Here, if you have hired a proactive company, they won’t let such adverse situations arise. They’ll share the complete accounts receivable management strategy plan with you and make rational decisions.  

Communication Skills – 

Strong communication is the foundation of outsourced businesses. You need a systematic communication channel to share your opinions, ideas, and feedback with your accounting service provider.  

Unfortunately, procrastinate companies don’t follow a clear communication system. They don’t have any communication policy or effective channels. On the contrary, proactive companies have use dedicated portals, methods, and timing to communicate. Additionally, proactive firms discuss all the communication prior so that workflow never disturbs.  

Problem Solving Ability – 

Accounting professionals have to deal with numerous problems all day long. Therefore, a good outsourcing accounting partner needs to possess high-level problem-solving skills. The financial experts who don’t plan ahead—can’t handle problems when they appear, and those people are procrastinators.  

You need proactive accounting masters who are always ready with solutions. Analytical thinkers and experienced minds are a great problem solver. For example, we always keep our clients’ accounts updated, and our proactive team ensures to prepare strategies for every scenario—we have a plan for every situation.  

Team Building –  

No business can survive without effective team building. If business organizations aren’t familiar with their team members’ strengths and weaknesses, they can’t quickly delegate work.  

This is the biggest shortcoming of procrastinating companies—they don’t know their team, so they can’t offer speedy and quality services. When a procrastinate leader doesn’t spend time knowing his team, he can’t satisfy clients in real-time.  

As you have already guessed, proactive accounting businesses pay attention to team building. They use SWOT analysis to know their team and prepare multiple strategies to develop coordination and harmony among their employees, like informal meetings, training sessions, etc.  

Proactive Wins  

Without any doubt, Proactive accounting outsourcing companies are the winners who can take your business towards excellence. That’s why you should only hire a proactive accounting outsourcing company that can improve your business operation efficiency, performance, and accounting work speed.  

At CapActix, we only follow the proactive approach, so for credible and professional accounting outsourcing services, contact us on email – [email protected]. or can call on +201-778-0509.