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Specific Purpose CFO

Part Time CFO Services - Interim CFO Consulting

The need for Part time CFO arises in either of the following scenarios :

  1. Sometimes, some projects need to be executed at the same time, and it can create pressure on your existing CFO’s head. It will not be possible for him to do all of them with the best efforts. Don’t force everything on the mind of your CFO when CapActix is there to help you with Part time CFO.
  2. Some organizations do not have an in-house CFO with high skills and required expertise which is need for some activities related to business. Our temporary CFO services provide you with an expert to help you with those tasks. The actions that are covered by experts of CapActix include the following.
    • Capital Budgeting & Equipment replacement planning
    • Financial Budgeting & Forecasting
    • Cash Flow and Working Capital Management
    • Accounting Health Check Services
    • Accounting Policy and Procedures Preparation
    • Risk management and Internal Controls consulting.

In the above scenarios, we offer interim cfo services for a limited period or to accomplish specific tasks. Our CFO works with your existing senior management team or your full-time CFO to expedite and execute assigned tasks as per the requirements.

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