Customer & Vendor Reconciliations

CapActix actively helps in managing the customer and suppliers intangible relationships, making things transparent


Customer & Vendor Reconciliations

Customer Account Reconciliation - Vendor Account Reconciliation

CapActix provides customer reconciliation and vendor reconciliation services. Nowadays, businesses don’t remain a single identity or touchpoint. It is extended in reaching a large customer base and interacting with several vendors and business partners because of the advent of e-Commerce. In this scenario, businesses are seeking micromanagement at every span whether it is about managing customer satisfaction factors or dealing with the customer’s choice and conveying the same to the vendors. There would be multiple discount structures and manage those with each transaction along with multiple products, locations, customer demographics and more. In such a complex sales policy, it always becomes difficult to establish control if accounts are not properly configured and reconciled at regular intervals.

CapActix customer account reconciliation and vendor account reconciliation services help in an appropriate configuration and regular reconciliation of accounts through deploying proper controls at the right places. It prevents customers and vendors from taking undue advantage. We at CapActix create cartels with the organization’s touchpoints and save the firm from misconceptions and unexpected market loss.

If you face any of the following challenges in managing the customer reconciliation or vendor reconciliation, do call us. 

  • Customer account reconciliation
  • Vendor account reconciliation
  • Hesitation for account statements reminders
  • Challenges in differentiating customers’ / Vendors’ Statement Reconciliation
  • And any challenge in relation to accounts reconciliation that keeps your business lagging behind the immense growth.

Meet professional experts to reconcile customer – vendor relationships and balancing the accounts…

We provide predictive business strategies by knowing the expected cash flow and comparing the current cash flow because it makes business profitable in terms of systematic investments. The nominal ledger considers customers and vendors account as the most crucial ones.

Benefits of Customer and Vendor Reconciliation

Vendor and Customers Satisfaction

When your accounts are consistent and reconciled, it becomes confident to represent before transacting parties

Consistent Data Source

To enhance the decision making process, gaining of precise & consistent data is important for the organizations.

Maximization of ROI

It helps in Cash Flow and Fund Flow Management, Fund Forecasting and Budgeting etc.

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