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CFO Services

CFO Outsourcing Services and Consulting Services

CapActix provides effective CFO consulting services. As an entrepreneur of growing business, you need a professional consultant to analyze your financial plan and advice you on that. Our CFO consulting services help you get the best of what you expect from your CFO. Our CFO outsourcing services act like your best friend in this digital era, always serving you better.

What we offer is a customized engagement model that enables you to include or exclude services, and everything will depend on the size and the growth rate of your business. The plan makes our services the best outsourced CFO services. You get the best services and need to pay only for what you need. The situation is a complete win-win because the cost is variable yet low and the facilities are satisfactory and memorable.

Realizing that business finance and accounts, compliances, corporate governance, reporting and strategic requirements are some of the most critical tasks, startups and SMEs are rapidly switching to Outsourced CFO services.

At CapActix we offer the following CFO Outsourcing Services:

    1. Part-time CFO
    2. Interim CFO
    1. Capital Budgeting & Equipment Replacement Planning
    2. Financial Budgeting & Forecasting
    3. Cash Flow and Revenue Management
    4. Accounting Health Check Services
    5. Accounting Policy and Procedures
    6. Risk Management and Internal Controls Consulting

    Industries we serve


    Real Estate


    Hotels & Restaurants


    Shipping & Logistics

    Retail & E-Commerce

    Power Generations

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