Cash is like blood for a business which ensures smooth functioning of the business operations. Miss management of money can lead to the collapse of the company


Working Capital Management

Working Capital Management Services - Cash Flow Management Services

Things like stages of the economic cycle, growth functions, business dynamics, and difficult times can create a disturbance with cash flow for your business. The most important thing to this in these periods is managing receivables and payables. A smart decision not only helps with better predictability but also improves the cash flow.

CapActix’s Cash Flow Management Services, include the following services but are not limited to only these:

  • Preparing and managing detailed annual forecast of cash flow plus 13 weeks cash rolling cash balance is also led
  • Accelerating collections from all overdue receivables for a better cash flow
  • Reviewing, identifying and advising on negotiating payment terms with trade payable wherever and whenever possible
  • Discovering opportunities to enhance collection terms with trade receivables to improve cash flows
  • Analyzing inventory aging and stock turnover
  • Reviewing and analyzing all type of activities having direct finance inflow or outflow to have a better understanding of the company’s cash flow system
  • Evaluating all bankers and advising better options like alternative credit or improving credit terms
  • Performing sensitivity analysis to formulate new strategies and updating old plan for improvement of cash flows

At CapActix, the team assists companies and improves small businesses’ cash flow management with working capital management services. Our working capital management services help companies in establishing the necessary systems and processes which will enhance their working capital management.

Some of the activities that we perform are as follows:

  • Analyzing all the aspects of working capital management and defining the responsibility of all the participants to keep everything balanced
  • Setting a benchmark and managing timetable for payable and receivable cycles
  • Preparing detailed working capital flow forecast and a mechanism to monitor it regularly in addition to managing daily reports
  • Finding the areas for improvement in cash conversion cycles and discovering ways to improve them
  • Assisting the companies in establishing or enhancing working capital lines with banks for small business cash flow management
  • Advising on the means for negotiation of better payment and collection terms

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