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Accounting Software Set up

Accounting Software Advisor

CapActix provides accounting software setup and advisor services. Every business has unique requirements in different fields, and the same implies to business accounting software too. Software application needs mostly depend on the environment and business domain. The products and solutions available in the market could be fantastic and highly productive, but these are not easy to use. The best accounting software for small businesses might be difficult to implement and require advance IT infrastructure.

Every business needs the best advice while choosing integrated accounting software. Also, the existing data should also be transferred to the new system plus staff training is essential because new technologies are not everyone’s cup of tea. We at CapActix, help you with everything from best advice to data transfer and implementation of software to staff training.

Below are the three types of accounting software:

A-Ready to use software packages

A wide variety of software is available in the market and all the software posses different features. Everyone has the choice to select the software suitable for their business considering the business processes, control requirements, organization structure and reporting requirements.

At CapActix, you can get the full range of services to your organization for software implementation which includes the following:

  • Understanding your business structure and processes
  • Knowing your system requirements
  • Preparing the list of control for your business needs
  • Analyzing the best software available in the market considering the above points
  • Preparing Software features comparison chart according to the pros and cons of selected software
  • Advising the client on the best suitable software according to the comparison chart
  • Helping in Data Migration to the new system
  • Training the Staff

Characteristics of Ready to use software packages

  • These are the best accounting software for small business
  • The installation and maintenance cost of this type of software is low
  • The low expected level of data secrecy
  • These software packages have limited users and interfaces
  • Restriction on inter-linking to other information systems
  • Any business enterprise can adopt them easily
  • These software packages can be easily operated after little training

B-Ready to use software with some Add-on Applications

Each business is unique, and that’s why the software requirements are also unique. There is no rule that a company in the same industry needs similar software tools. From the variety of cloud-based accounting software such as QuickBooks accounting software, and business accounting software, sometimes no one seems perfect. The unique requirements push business owners toward the idea of developing their software, but the cost is exceptionally high.

The solution to these problems is to use add-ons. At CapActix, we advise our clients on suitable apps and tools to work with integrated accounting software for better results. The apps and tools provide additional features required for business operations which are not present in the software. This idea of using add-ons works well for most of the business.

It is very crucial to find the appropriate apps by understanding the requirements of the client’s business. We, at CapActix, have a dedicated and experienced technical team to play this part. We understand the business of our clients and manage to find the best suitable apps and tools. Many tools and software are assessed to find the perfect addition

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C-Customized Software

When no business software is suitable for your business then customized software help you in getting the best services. If no tools, application, and software meet your requirement, no worries, customized packages are meant for people like you only.

CapActix offers a full range of services for software development and customization management which includes the following services:

  • Understanding your business structure and processes to find suitable software
  • Identification of your business software requirements
  • Preparing the list of control requirements for your business
  • Preparation of comprehensive software requirements and software deliverables
  • Liaison with Software Developers to explain requirements
  • Helping in software testing to identify bugs
  • Helping in Data Migration to the new system Assisting in Training the staff for new software

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