How to Select the Best Cloud Inventory Management Software for your Accounting Firm?


How to Select the Best Cloud Inventory Management Software for your Accounting Firm?

Accounting software is a vital infrastructure unit that every finance-based company or individual needs to invest in on a priority basis.  Especially virtual accounting company needs to invest in highly accessible and customized accounting software to smoothly conduct important business operations like inventory management, bookkeeping, etc.,

When you are looking for flexible, accessible, and efficient software, then cloud accounting software is the best solution. Taking inventory management into consideration – the most time-consuming and essential work of an accounting firm – cloud-based inventory management assists in monitoring and maintaining inventory in the business organization using online software.

The software ensures that the level of errors and issues minimizes in the inventory management process that the traditional method of stock management produces. Cloud software will generate a seamless process to keep a record of incoming and outgoing inventory.

Importance of Cloud-based Inventory Management Software

Various accounting experts ask the CapActix team – why we use cloud-based inventory management software? Being the leading online accounting outsourcing company – we always say – inventory management service needs to be impeccably errorless. That’s because the stock is the lifeline of your client’s business so maintaining the correct level of inventory is crucial for business operations. Thus, we advocate cloud inventory management software as –

  1. You can retrieve correct and updated stock information from the cloud-based software and can even demand forecasts to understand the future requirement of stock.
  2. It has the potential to reduce errors and fraud cases regarding stocks as human interference is minimized.
  3. Cloud-based software automates the supply chain – from the execution of the order to delivery of the order – everything can be automated.
  4. The safety of data is highly guarded with cloud-based software with data backup on the cloud storage that can be retrieved from anywhere and on any device.
  5. With the inventory management software, you have the past, present and even future stock figures in your hands – within a few clicks.
  6. Cloud-based inventory management systems analyze your data and create automated reports so you can make data-informed business decisions.

How to Select a Cloud-Based Inventory Management Software?

If you are a virtual accounting company with lots of offshore business partners or just simply want to provide flawless inventory management services to your clients, then you must be interested in getting the cloud-based inventory management software. However, to select the highly accessible and suitable software as per your business structure, you have to consider a few basic things –

1.Do Market Research

When you go to the market to purchase groceries, then you always compare various products so that you can get the best product at a limited price – that’s because your family’s health is at stake here. Similarly, inventory management software is directly linked to the health of your business so it has to be perfect. Thus, you need to research various inventory management software in the market and compare their features.

Today, in the market, various cloud-based inventory management software brands are available. So, it is a crucial step to check features, cost, and suitability with your business before investing in the best cloud-based inventory management software. Moreover, today you can easily research by visiting the official website of different software and list down their respective features for comparison.

2.Easy to Operate and Customise

You need to select the inventory management software that can be easily played on your tune. The software must have swift importing and exporting of stock data so that offline operations won’t affect. Moreover, to increase the productivity level – the software needs to offer a barcode scan facility so that human interference can completely vanish from the process of recording data.

Easy to operate features such as – automatic generation of bills, e-mail receipts to your customers, creation of barcodes, processing of product labels and other operating features have to be part of cloud-based inventory management software. Plus, the software must have a customizable option that lets you arrange software as per inventory management structure. A good inventory management software brings comfort and ease along with it.

3.Check for Analytical Features

The software should come with a quick notification feature that shares information on – low stock, out of stock and other stock-related data. The deep analytical overview should be also provided by cloud-based software so that you will get extra assistance in the inventory management process. It is the responsibility of accounting firms to make business strategies and customize inventory management software in a way that it can automatically follow your strategy and provide a better business perspective to strategize even better.


Your selected inventory software has to be worth your money. Lots of inventory management system present in the market only offers basic services that you can get from freeware software as well. Thus, you need to check whether the software has features worth the monthly fee or not. Moreover, you can’t go behind the most expensive software thinking that it’s going to be awesome – no you need to keep your budget in the mind as well.

Now, if you overspend on inventory management software as compared to the money that you are making by offering inventory management services, then it’s not at all profitable for you. You have to get software that your business can afford without putting any extra strain on the financial resources.

5.Test the Software

You can’t get a fair idea about the features and performance of cloud-based inventory management software unless you try it yourself. This is the reason that numerous software companies offer a free trial period – you can use the free trial to test the features of the software and ensure whether the software is suitable for your business or not. Once you are satisfied with the performance of the inventory management software, then you can upgrade to the paid version.

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Do Smart Shopping

Cloud accounting services can truly revamp the business structure of an accounting firm and allows users to run important operations smoothly. With the right inventory management system based on cloud, you will be able to offer flawless services, increase productivity and improve your business reputation in the one go. You just have to here select the perfect cloud-based inventory management software only.

CapActix is a leading online accounting outsourcing company with cloud-based inventory management software so you can get in touch with us on email – [email protected]. or can call on +201-778-0509 and enjoy flawless inventory services.