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10 advantages CPA firms have when they outsource accounting services to India


10 advantages CPA firms have when they outsource accounting services to India

Outsourcing is never easy, at least not as much as it sounds. When it comes to accounting, it needs sound attention while dealing with bookkeeping, payroll, transactions, and tax returns preparation. Lately, numerous CPA firms in USA consider outsource accounting services to India seriously due to a variety of reasons. Experienced accounting experts offload the excessive burdens of CPA firms and allow them to work more proficiently.

What are the advantages of Outsourcing accounting services to India?

Outsourcing accounting firms in India offers a bunch of advantages and enables CPA firms to strengthen their businesses. It improves operational efficiency along with better productivity.

Focus on what really matters

The major outsourcing advantage is saving time. It is precious and should be utilized doing what you are supposed to do in the first place. It improves efficiency and allows you to control business operations better.

When you spend more time and focus on your business, it is likely to grow substantially. Apart from that, it gives you space to build good relations with your clients. It is pivotal for any business.

Infrastructure and Technology cost

When you outsource accounting services to India, you are free from in-house staffing and don’t have to bear any cost for it. To set up an accounting department within premises needs proper infrastructure along with the latest technology.

It is costly and you have to maintain it on daily basis. An outsourcing firm offers end-to-end accounting solutions as it has its own internal setup. It ensures that your critical financial data and information are secured.


The primary purpose of outsourcing accounting services to India is getting work done by experts. You leverage years of experience and expertise of accountants. It provides flawless outsourced bookkeeping and accounting services.

All the accounting operations from transaction management to tax returns preparation are managed as a one-stop solution. You don’t require an internal accounting team for anything.

Better services

Expert work is always of the highest caliber. Accounting experts work diligently with you on each assignment. It makes your accounting accurate which helps you scale up your business.

As mentioned earlier, moreover, you get more time to focus on your core task that helps deliver better services to your end clients.

Prioritize on higher revenue services

Outsourcing accounting services to India is the first step towards prioritizing your business activities. You find time to analyze vertical and horizontal business operations.

When you review and scrutinize them, you hit upon services and other aspects that have the potential to drive maximum revenue. Once you figure it out, your business grows by leaps and bounds.

Great efficiency through Automation

Outsourced accounting firms adopt the latest technology and are way more efficient due to automation processes. Despite the fact that you might have an internal accounting team, it is most likely not as technologically advanced as any other outsourcing accounting firm.

You achieve better productivity leading to the profitability of your business.

Latest technology

The other outsourcing benefit for companies is to leverage technology at the cost of the outsourcing partner. Accounting firms have access to the most updated software and tools to facilitate business operations.

In order to increase productivity, more and more companies are turning to cloud computing (SAAS-based approach). This scales up day-to-day business processes and enables you to serve your clients in a better way.

More proficiency without investment

Outsource accounting services in India providers have exceptional technology infrastructure. You make the most of their cloud-based accounting platforms and software. Depending on your client’s needs, it can be simply linked with their current system.

Your outsourcing firm is fully accountable for it. It bears the complete responsibility of systems as well as any other upgrades if needed. Hence, you improvise client services and benefit your end clients without any additional investment.

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Customized reports

Business insights are important a great deal. Custom reporting is another big advantage that comes along with the outsourcing.

Personal dashboards and seamless tool integration are features of cloud-based portals. They provide useful business analysis. CPA Outsourcing Services can utilize this feature to further increase client services and satisfaction.


Last but not least; An extensive service provider for CPA businesses could be an outsourcing accounting firm. You can always offer the services of your outsourcing partner as complementary services to your clients if you wish.

For example, as discussed in previous points, CPA firms that do not have technological capability or infrastructure can still offer it as their own services.


Outsourcing of accounting services has the potential to be extremely beneficial for your CPA firm. It depends on how you utilize it. While choosing a good firm, we strongly advise you to go for a provider who understands your business objectives and willing to work together to achieve goals collectively.

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