7 Common Problems Faced by CPA Firms in Today’s Accounting Business


7 Common Problems Faced by CPA Firms in Today’s Accounting Business

The business industry is shifting rapidly these days with the enforcement of technology-based systems. However, in this shift, CPA firms are going through the most drastic changes because the present accounting atmosphere is developing at a very fast pace. Accounting professionals are today struggling to keep up with the ever-changing hostile accounting environment where the tax preparation services are constantly changing and the challenge of recruiting skilled professionals is getting very hard.

Moreover, with the advancement in the technology fields, the struggle of CPA firms is increasing even more. That’s because technology gets obsolete pretty quickly which is very hard for small accounting companies to cope with it. Apart from these easily visible challenges, there is a truckload of other struggles that CPA firms have to fight with daily.

Challenges of CPA Firms

Challenges are good, they encourage you to extend your limits and grow yourself beyond your imagination. So, in a way accounting challenges are good, they allow you to grow, but you just need to find the right solution to overcome these challenges. At CapActix, we are known to overpower all the accounting challenges without any hitch. If your CPA firm is facing any of the following common challenges, then you just have to remember that the CPA firm outsourcing service provider is here for you.

Challenge #1. Maintaining Regular Workflow

The road of efficiency has numerous processes involved it like monitoring, measuring, and managing the team. Accounting firms are automating their workflow with tools like SAP/Oracle/SharePoint/CRM to increase their efficiency. But they are too expensive for CPA firms and not every business organization can acquire them.

So, to maintain the effective workflow in the organization accounting firms have to struggle a lot. They have to use traditional methods to manage their workflow which is very slow.

Challenge #2. Cybersecurity and Privacy

Cybersecurity is a very hot topic for professional business organizations. It is getting harder for accounting firms regularly to protect their data from hackers as they are constantly on the radar of cybercriminals. As CPA firms are now using cloud services to store their confidential data, cybersecurity has become a major challenge for them.

If CPAs won’t take productive security measures in advance like using VPN services or antivirus software to safeguard their interest, then they won’t able to protect their client’s data and this will eventually tamper with their business reputation.

Challenge #3. Expectation Oriented Solutions

Earlier accounting firms were used to see as the service provider organizations only, but currently, clients are looking for value-added services from them. Today, clients want their CPAs to perform multiple functions for them like inventory management services, payroll processing services, tax preparation services, valuable financial advice, and customer support services.

They want their accounting firms to offer a complete solution so that they won’t have to look for any other service providers. This is a challenge for one accounting firm to perform all the services as per the client’s expectations.

Challenge #4. Survive in a Competitive Environment

The accounting business industry is growing rapidly nowadays which is healthy from an economic point of view. But, with the arrival of new CPA firms in the market, the level of competition is also increasing tremendously and it is hard for accounting companies to survive in the cut-throat competitive environment.

It is getting hard for both new and established CPA firms to survive in the aggressive market situation. It is becoming a very challenging situation for both to adjust rapidly to changing rules and regulations.

Challenge #5. Shine out & Make the Change

There are plenty of different CPA firms present out there in the market and each firm is different from the other one. Each firm has enthusiastically devoted years of hard work in making their business an exception and unique experience. But, becoming unique isn’t a piece of cake.

It is very hard for new accounting firms to shine out in the market of already established and unique firms and find their own identity. It is a very hard challenge for new accounting firms to find their own unique identity.

Challenge #6. Retaining Good Employees

The biggest asset of accounting business organizations is their talented and skilled employees. However, recruiting new employees and retaining them is a challenge that every CPA company is finding hard to conquer in this competitive market situation.

So, it is very challenging for CPA firms to retain their talented and experienced staff members.

Challenge #7. Being Cost-Effective

The price reduction is another challenge that has been slowing down the growth of CPA businesses. With the daily availability of new and lucrative technologies, it is very difficult to stay cost-effective for accounting firms.

Moreover, the high wave of competition is encouraging businesses to adopt new technologies to stay afloat.

Besides this, firms have to invest in digital marketing, office space, setting up infrastructure, and recruiting new staff, and on top of that, they have to bear daily expenses to run the business. So, after bearing all these expenses it is a challenge for firms to make themselves cost-effective.

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Just One Solution

Well, keeping in mind all the above-discussed accounting firms’ challenges, we can conclude that all the problems can be solved with one solution – outsourcing accounting services. Yep, by outsourcing services, CPA firms can reduce the workload of their staff during tax season, they can quickly create their unique identity, achieve the client’s expectations can be simplified, can use the latest technologies, and more importantly, they can make their business cost-effective. All problems can be solved with just one solution.

So, if you are searching for the best Accounting outsourcing services in the USA, then you can just trust CapActix. That’s because we use the latest technologies, provide affordable services, and are always ready to serve our clients by going the extra mile. To get highly competent accounting services, you can contact us at email – [email protected]. or can call on +201-778-0509.