Tax Compliances

Tax Compliances

Outsourcing tax related monthly and yearly compliances such as Sales Tax and Withholding Tax to professional firms like CapActix increases compliances.We offers a wide range of taxation and compliance services professionally delivered with utmost security and confidentiality with less turnaround time.

Monthly Compliances
Withholding Tax (Including
taxes on salary)

1. Compute the withholding tax payable as per the Income Tax Law of the country

2. Generation of online payment registration for the payment.

3. Prepare and submit the monthly and year-end statements to the authority

Sales tax compliances (Vat,
GST, Service Tax etc.)

1. Preparation of statement based on the different classifications of supplies as per the requirements of the law

2. Establish whether VAT is correctly charged on supply of taxable goods and services and establish whether input tax is properly claimed.

3. Preparation of input and output VAT schedules to determine net VAT payable.

4. Generation of online payment registration for the payment

5. Preparation and online submission of the VAT statement to the tax authorities on a periodically as required by the law.

Annual Tax Compliances

Over and above monthly compliances, companies are also liable for annual income tax return filling of companies and owner of the companies in time.

We assist clients in timely filling of year end income tax returns with tax planning, preparation of tax returns and filling of tax returns.