Payroll Management

Payroll Management

Outsourcing payroll administration function and payroll report management helps in simplifying payroll processing department. CapActix Business Solutions serves the clients as a committed payroll management partner. Payroll management process is as follows:

1. Record Maintenance

  • Master details: Employee ID, Employee personal details, educational qualifications, Increments, perquisites entitlements etc.
  • Transactional details: Employees attendance, advances, statutory deductions etc

2. Payroll preparation & Cost Analyses

  • Payroll calculation for each employee which includes the computation of Gross Pay, Net Pay, employment tax, Social Security Deductions and other statutory deductions as per the law of the country. Avail detailed payroll analyses to client for salary cost analyses

3. Submission of statement to authorities

  • Online submissions of employee related compliance statements to various authorities such as revenue authorities, social security authorities and other authorities before statutory deadlines of the country.

4. Salary transfer and pay slip to employees

  • Process net salary transfer to the bank accounts of the employees
  • Preparation of Pay slip for each employee having detailed breakdown of the deduction as required by the law of the country and deliver it to them on their communication ID