Industry Specific Solutions

Industry specific solutions

Our Solutions are supported by our deep insight into various industries and our diversified yet extensive experience acquired over the years from supporting our clients in their business transformation.

We offer industry specific solutions that address the unique challenges of our clients’ industry and business.

Agriculture, known also as husbandry or farming, is the science of cultivating plants, animals, and other life forms for food, fiber, and fuel. The agricultural industry, which includes enterprises engaged in growing crops, raising fish and animals, and logging wood, encompasses farms, dairies, hatcheries, and ranches.

Agriculture is operated and maintained by family of farmers. Hence, due to lack of expert team, the proper financial accounting is not maintained in agriculture. The incomplete records are maintained on cash basis. However, proper maintenance of accounts is useful for owners, government and research agencies. Government decides subsidy for fertilizers, manures and for other activities based on proper maintenance of records. Our expert team at CapActix guides and maintains adequate inputs records to help farmer to disclose to what extend and in what proportions they are using land, labour and capital. The accounts should be classified to ascertain cost of each crop, to compare various crops productivity, profitability and measure the effectiveness of allied activities. We help to solve the problem of difficulty of allocating various costs among various crops and other allied activities such as livestock poultry etc.

Our Working knowledge and expertise in the industry includes:

  • – Identifying proper charts of accounts applicable for Agricultural industry
  • – Calculation of cropping, stocking and tenant-type capital
  • – Calculation of outputs and inputs on a per farm basis
  • – Calculation of outputs and inputs on a per adjusted hectare or Grazing Livestock Unit basis as appropriate
  • – Calculation of output ratios, stocking rates, yields and prices
  • – Gross Margins for all major enterprises
  • – Identifying biological assets of the organization.
  • – Accounting and disclosure of the subsidy received in the Books of account.
  • – Differentiating between agricultural produce and produce that are the result of processing after harvest.

In the International Energy Outlook 2016 (IEO2016) Reference case, world net electricity generation increases 69% by 2040, from 21.6 trillion kilowatthours (kWh) in 2012 to 25.8 trillion kWh in 2020 and 36.5 trillion kWh in 2040. Electricity is the world’s fastest-growing form of end-use energy consumption, as it has been for many decades. Power systems have continued to evolve from isolated, small grids to integrated national markets and even international markets.

We, at CapActix, provide different services for different sources of energy generation company  such as Coal, Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Hydrogen, Tidal, Wave, Biomass, Hydroelectric etc.

Our Working knowledge of following will help clients to provide best service:

  • – Identifying various charts of accounts applicable for energy industry
    – Classifying cost of feasibility study under appropriate head of account and amortization of it over a period of  payback period
    – Classifying different assets according to phase wise under structured immovable assets and movable assets
    – Capitalizing all expenses during feasibility and upto the project completion stage under appropriate class of  accounts.
    – Making necessary adjustment at the end of project completion
    – Getting certificate from Certified Valuer for different phase of the project and capitalizing at the end of project
    – Calculating per hour Watt cost and profit and providing customize solution for calculation of it.

As mentioned by The World Bank, Sound financial systems underpin economic growth and development, and are crucial to the World Bank Group’s mission of alleviating poverty and boosting shared prosperity.

Also, tapping into capital markets is needed to attract additional sources to help finance global development goals, which are projected to require “trillions of dollars” in financing.

The financial services sector is a complex and heavily regulated area. It is vital that you are aware of new rules and regulations and how they affect your business. Our deep understanding of the pitfalls and issues businesses in the financial services industry face means we can give practical, realistic, advice for their accounting need to help you succeed.

Our financial services accounting team provides a full service to clients of all sizes, from start-ups to substantial private and public companies across the whole of the financial services industry.

The role of accounting in the health care industry has changed over the passage of time. The operational cost of health care has steadily risen and accounting has become an inevitable function for cost saving and improvement in quality management by an integrated information system.

The major problems for accounting in health care industry are as follows:

  • – Most research in the health care industry has been directed toward different specific supply chain processes but none of the supply chain system has become a benchmark in the health care industry
  • – There are too many different research approach to the integrated information systems and information technology, which results in confusion while making the final decision
  • – There is too little research done on an integrated approach in health care Total Quality Management

CapActix gives healthcare providers an insight into the vast amounts of clinical, patient, financial data and analytics by integrating business intelligence solutions.

Manage inventory, sales performance, and accounts receivable all within one application at the click of a button.

The hospitality industry includes the hotel and motel, or lodging, trade. As defined by the Council on Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Education, it also includes food services, recreation services, and tourism. The hospitality industry provides accommodations, meals, and personal services for both the traveling public and permanent residents.

Hospitality industry has different facets such as Tourism, Hotel, Event, Convention, resort etc. and different departments such as Housekeeping, Front Desk, Engineering, Health/sports/recreation, and Safety/Security.

Most of the hotels now a day are franchise driven and management & ownership of hotels are in two different hands.

Therefore, it is very difficult for the company to manage all such different areas at a time effectively. We, at CapActix, take the headache of your accounting function by providing you effective solution and free you to concentrate on other areas.

Many of the accounting procedures used by hospitality companies are the same as those applicable to businesses in other industries. Methods for recording cash, receivables and deferred tax assets are similar while industry-specific transactions require special treatment where you require some expert team.

Our Working knowledge and expertise in the industry includes:

  • – Identifying different charts of accounts which prevail as a norm in the hospitality industry
  • – Recording of sales/revenue on the basis of reports available on your PMS/POS system
  • – Reconciliation of revenue on monthly/quarterly basis with PMS/POS system and identifying variances if any
  • – Reconciliation of merchant deposit on the basis of merchant statements, providing collection reconciliation on monthly basis and identifying any short/excess deposit
  • – Calculation of franchise fees if any as per the standard norms of applicable franchise

Providing calculation and analysis of occupancy ratio, revenue per room after allocating different overheads and calculation of margin ratio of different departments

The manufacturing industry accounts for a significant share of the industrial sector in developed countries. The final products can either serves as a finished good for sale to customers or as intermediate goods used in the production process.

Manufacturing industries are the chief wealth producing sectors of an economy. These industries use various technologies and methods widely known as manufacturing process management.

The accounting for a manufacturing business deals with inventory valuation and the cost of goods sold which is the complex part in accounting. The stage of receipt of the raw material to sale of goods in the market requires standard atomization procedure.

Our Working knowledge and expertise in the industry includes:

  • – Accounting management
  • – Inventory Management
  • – Purchase/store process
  • – Sales Management
  • – Production Management
  • – Quality Control
  • – MIS Reports

CapActix’s services reach far beyond these industries. Contact us for more information about your industry.